• Architects | Planners

    A well though-out plan is the basis for successful execution of your construction plan. Alongside the planners and architects, maxit will create a strong foundation for this.

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  • Specialist trade

    Make your product range an exciting experience for your customers. maxit’s motto is “Learning by Doing”, with which customers in the specialist trade can be captivated by the goods.

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  • Specialist tradesmen

    For real professionals who want results. maxit energetically pitches in and provides tips for processing and naturally also the proven silo for every good construction site.

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  • Builders

    As a builder you always keep an eye on your project. Inside and out, ceilings and floors. maxit supports you in the faithful implementation of your construction project.

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  • Housing industry

    The larger the residential building: the more significant the structural solutions - they need to be energy-efficient and long-lasting. maxit will show you, how to achieve this.

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The maxit products

Lorry with the maxit logo in white & blue

Something extra in construction

As a medium-sized partner, maxit represents mature product solutions and the best service surrounding the construction. The first blueprints, delivery of the materials directly to the construction site, provision of colour mixing of choice - the services provided by maxit are a real benefit to everyone involved in the construction.

To the products

Product innovation

maxit ecosphere

maxit ecosphere – Marriage of glass and mortar

Flexible and simple insulation with top thermal insulation values - resource-saving and ecological? maxit ecosphere takes existing insulation technology to a whole new level. With our mineral spray insulation, insulation can be achieved in just one operation and without installation errors.

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mörtelpad use

maxit mörtelpad – The Smart Wall

A quality brickwork according to the latest state of the art? We make it possible! maxit mörtelpad raises the processing of surface-ground masonry to a new level. Intuitive, fast and safe. Easy processing, no need for additional tools, a clean construction site: maxit mörtelpad saves time and money.

Details about maxit mortar pad

maxit solar

Paint and plaster with multi-effects

maxit solar façade systems help to maintain the structure. The unique combination of plaster and paint protect the façades from weathering. Otherwise, sun, wind and rain causes tiny cracks in which algae forms. maxit solar closes the surface long-term and has a heat-regulating and energy-saving effect.

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maxit Krölpa

Construction-material factory in Krölpa

The maxit construction-material factory in Krölpa

At the Krölpa location, the traditional mining of gypsum comes up against innovative product expertise for demonstrative quality in construction. The maxit Baustoffwerke GmbH produces classic products of the dry mortar industry as well as soft products for the entire sales region of the maxit Group.

Research and development

View of the research and development center

Actively shaping technology and trends in construction

The constantly increasing demand for façades, walls and floors, always requires new building solutions for construction products as well as their application. A result of this is the new maxit Research and Development Centre. These innovations are passed directly on to customers in training.

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