Innovative construction

In your lifetime, you will normally only build once. Therefore, it is even more important to lay the correct foundations for your own four walls from the outset. Included herein is a long-term and future-oriented construction, from the masonry through the façades to the paint. And with this you can not only comply with today’s ecological consciousness but also save time and money through the innovative methods and products.

Satisfy yourself with our extensive opportunities surrounding innovative construction.

Mortar panels revolutionise masonry construction

Building materials for masonry are in a constant cycle of change: growing requirements for the building shell, like through the EnEV 2014, require you to constantly adapt your technical capabilities. And the processing methods must also be adapted to this. The innovative maxit mörtelpad (mortar pad) is setting new standards in masonry construction: it consists of dry mortar, a water-soluble hot melt and a glass fibre fabric, which ensures additional robustness. This revolutionary combination ensures that masonry can be created in a more targeted, higher quality, and simpler manner - with significant time savings.

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With the façade design it is not only about the durability, weather resistance and robustness nowadays, but also particularly about creative room for developers, architects and painting companies.

Instead of orientating ourselves to luminosity as it has been done until now, it is now possible to design optionally intensive colour designs with our maxit intens products without sacrificing in terms of aesthetics, energy-efficiency and durability. This allows reliable colour planning according to individual colour desires as well as the reproduction of individual colour pallets such as RAL or HKS, in order to design, for example, façades of company buildings in line with the corporate design. The high colour and light endurance guarantees a long service life without fading.

Create your own image of the diverse opportunities available to you with our innovative maxit intens colours.

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maxit intens - façade colour newly defined

Here you can see the product category colours. See for yourself with our virtual colour configurator.

Products, which surround people, should not only be nice and functional, but also health compatible. Many products are situated directly on our body or in our living and working spaces.

Therefore, it is expected that a high-quality product is low in harmful substances and emissions. We also provide such products in terms of interior plaster with our maxit pluscalc eco care product, which has been examined by the eco-INSTITUT and has been found to be good. Its innovative character is on the pulse in terms of the quality and the ecological consciousness linked therewith.

More information about maxit pluscalc:
maxit pluscalc - the ecological revolution in sack and silo

Marriage between glass and mortar

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Berlin), maxit developed a completely new building material technology with the ecosphere insulation system. maxit initially applied this to an interior wall insulation, followed by a façade insulation based on mortar. Hollow glass microspheres function here as lightweight aggregates and provide the best values in terms of thermal insulation, weight reduction and long-term stability.

What makes it special is that the mineral material can be sprayed from a building material silo and is therefore not only completely joint free, but is also easy to apply.


Convincing strengths

  • For interior and exterior use
  • Long-term stability
  • Purely mineral
  • Recyclable
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High heat storage capacity
  • Application from silo
  • Accustomed handling
  • Flexible usage
  • High heat and frost resistance


Lightweight, stable & ecological - taking nature as an example

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly aware of ecology as a social topic. Ever better insulated houses and the growing attention to products of natural origin are pointing the way. Mineral building materials are therefore also in particular demand in the area of façade and interior insulation. As the result of a long-term research project, a building material technology has now been developed that meets modern requirements. maxit ecosphere follows the example of nature, which avoids any form of overdimensioning. This is demonstrated, for example, in the formation of human bones, which consist of ideal, multicellular pore structures. Optimum technical parameters, coupled with the conservation of resources, was the guiding principle in the development of insulation materials. Tiny vacuum hollow glass spheres, so-called glass bubbles, which are used instead of sand or other lightweight materials, are the secret behind ecosphere. As resources become increasingly scarce, this is an enormous advantage. The yield of ecosphere also speaks for itself: one tonne of dry mortar produces around 8,000 litres of sprayed insulation on the construction site.


Advantages of hollow glass microspheres as lightweight aggregate

  • High compressive strength
  • Good rheological properties
  • Special thermal insulation properties
  • Conserves resources
  • No use of construction sands
  • Non-combustible (A1)


Thermal insulation plus heat storage

maxit ecosphere punktet mit hervorragenden Dämmeigenschaften und einer Wärmeleitzahl von λ10, dry, mat < 0,040 W/(mK) im Trockenzustand. Erreicht werden diese durch die mikroskopisch kleinen Hohlglaskugeln, die dank Vakuumeinschluss den Wärmedurchgang verzögern. Dadurch kühlt die Außenwand langsamer aus und trocknet entsprechend schnell ab: So sorgt ecosphere auf rein physikalische Weise dafür, dass Algen und Schimmel auf der Fassade kaum eine Chance haben.


For interior and exterior use

ecosphere can also fully unleash its climate-regulating advantages in the interior insulation of façades: in contrast to panel solutions, its sprayability ensures seamless application and eliminates the risk of cavities. This prevents waterlogging and the formation of mildew, keeping the air in the interior healthy at all times.


Insulation in one step - without installation errors

The mineral spray insulation ecosphere is applied - up to a thickness of 100 millimetres withour plaster lathing - classically by rendering machine and from the silo. Installation errors, like those that can occur with panel systems, are virtually eliminated thanks to its sprayability. Delivered in a silo, the dust load on the construction site is reduced and work steps are saved.

  • Processing from silo or bag
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Multi-layer processing "fresh in fresh" without waiting times
  • Familiar handling with commercially available insulating plaster equipment
  • Problem-free insulation of curves and unusual shapes
  • Prevention of cavities


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