Make a difference with commitment

Only those who have knowledge surrounding the basis of business conduct can be successful in the long-term. At maxit we are positive: our homeland and the people living in it make us successful. These people are the ones who newly shape the success of maxit whilst simultaneously attesting that which is new.


So that this remains as such, we give a little of our success back to these people and the region with whom and in which we live and work together. As a reliable partner in sport, cultural and social things, we would like to provide a contribution to a strong society in the surroundings of our sound company.


maxit as a partner to sport

What the maxit silo is to construction, the Brose Baskets of Bamberg are to German basketball: As a lighthouse visible over a long distance and with an impressionable service for customers and fans right at the front. Maxit and the Brose Baskets, they are first-class products in construction and first-class basketball on the parquet floor. Thrilling and inspiring. maxit is a proud sponsor of the seven-times German champions.

The partnership with the 1. FC Nürnberg ideally harmonises with the maxit company’s course. Both the club and maxit can refer to more than 100 years of eventful history. 

As the Nuremberg region is positioned in the middle of maxit’s sales territory, a strong partnership is the ideal way to present captivating football and strong products surrounding construction in one package to private builders and everyone who is manually interested. maxit would like to wish 1. FC Nürnberg continuous sporting success in order to add a new chapter to its honourable history.

If the clover is the symbol per se for luck, then the prerequisites for this partnership couldn’t be better. The SpVgg Greuther Fürth, largely known as the “clovers” and maxit have been partners since the season 2014/15.


The down-to-earth attitude of the club and its cooperatively fair demeanour are rediscovered in the maxit philosophy. Technical assets of both of the Franconian partners are so to speak linked. That which is deemed to be playful proficiency on the green grass by Gruether Fürth is the technical level to which all our products at maxit adhere. Therefore the best prerequisite in order to successfully shape a mutual future!

maxit has always been tightly linked with the Upper Franconian region and the Baryeuth area. Since the 2013/14 season, maxit has expressed this connection as the main sponsor of the SpVgg Oberfranken Bayreuth.


For maxit this is so to speak a home fixture, the headquarters are located in the Bayreuth surroundings where the association has been able to count on true followers for decades and shapes the sporty happenings. Now the SpVgg Oberfranken Bayreuth is fighting with the maxit logo on their chest for points and sport success.


Where help is needed, maxit is there

Germany received the shocking images in June of 2013 from Lower Bavaria. The flood catastrophe put the whole region under water. The shocking extent of the damage remained.


Particularly badly affected were the three-river town Passau and the Deggendorf district Fischerdorf, in each case directly situated on the Danube. Through the close proximity of the catastrophe to the maxit Niederwinkling location, the decision to quickly provide urgent help arose.



Initially the maxit consultants on-site took a photo of the damage. In order to cope with the immense power of the mass of water and the high level of contamination it quickly became clear that a special plaster needed to be developed in order to perform under these extreme requirements. The maxit research and development centre developed in a short time a plaster which can dry out the masonry in a controlled manner due to extreme porosity and a large volume of pores. This was particularly important in order to engineer all further restoration works promptly.


For quick and non-bureaucratic help, maxit carried out all consulting services and masonry diagnoses for free. Moreover, victims received a special discount of 20 percent at builder’s merchants on-site for purchased goods.

The historic flooding of 2013 in the Deggendorf area also badly affected three colleagues of the Plattling factory. It was immediately clear to maxit that help was the order of the day.


In support of the three colleagues, maxit initiated a fundraiser. Shortly before Christmas 2014, the colleagues were paid a donation totalling 2,600 euros. Even if the donation did not adequately quantify the damage, it showed the strong collaboration between the employees of maxit. Those who can reply upon one another, can overcome great tasks together. Professionally and privately.


Making our village more beautiful - the children-afternoon of the mid-Franconian community of Adelshofen was carried out with this motto. In the Großharbach district, 45 committed young artists applied a colourful coat of paint to the agricultural concrete silo at the entrance to the village. As the guarantor for fun and games maxit was involved.


As employees of a long-term customer approached maxit with the question of whether the company would support a painting day, the answer was of course immediately yes. Perfectly equipped with maxit silicone resin paint, colour pigments and maxit solar hats the little artists took to the large silo. 



All-in-all, a successful afternoon in Großharbach for the children and their parents. One or two of the young artists were even able to discover their dream job of being an artist.

Donations published on 09 December 2015 in the Ostthüringer Zeitung, local edition Pössneck.