Allow us: maxit.

People with visions

People with visions are the one who are behind maxit. Likewise, it was the vision of an entrepreneur to establish a market position with simple means and commitment, who was in search of people like them in Europe.

“Our particular strength lies in the high technical level that we have established. Even the density of our locations plays a deciding role. With this we can reach our customers in the shortest time and always guarantee supply capability”, said Hans-Dieter Groppweis, Managing Director of the maxit Group, which was established in collaboration with Bergmann Kalk.

A reliable partner.

For decades maxit has stood for a multitude of products and services for the construction industry and the building trade. In 1978, it began with three employees in Azendorf as a collaboration between the lime works Bergmann and Mathis; over the last 45 years maxit has developed into an international operating company with almost 800 employees at nine locations and a revenue of approx. 190 million euros. Today, the dry mortar factory in Azendorf alone belongs to the largest companies of the sector in the entire federal territory.

Materials and visions.

The maxit Group supplies the material on a daily basis to realise the visions held by architects and construction companies worldwide. All over the earth unique works are being erected with our building materials. Created in cooperation with experienced employees, innovative ideas and future-oriented companies.

maxit is construction.

maxit produces dry mortar and mixtures of binding agents, aggregates and additives in the most modern plants for the construction industry and provides an extensive product programme for the areas of shell construction, development and façades. Whether an interior or exterior plaster, coloured plaster finishing coat, paints, floor or thermal insulating systems: day-to-day more than 3,500 tonnes of plaster, screed and paint leave the production facilities of the maxit Group in various containers, as bagged goods in small and large amounts or in our own developed silo system.

Innovative solutions in construction.

The newest technology and computer-controlled mixing plants for dry plaster, dry mortar and screed provide the guarantee for the best product at a consistent quality. The maxit Group presents themselves with this challenge anew on a daily basis. Qualified staff ensure appropriate product safety in our in-house laboratories, continually develop new materials and thereby take account of the requirements with regard to energy-saving and environmental friendliness.

A silo for every circumstance.

For a smooth, on-schedule process of work at the construction site, maxit provides the silo. From the application of the screed over the concrete work through to the wall plaster. The maxit trained employees take-over handling on-site. With the silo technology, maxit has been able to develop an innovative solution for every construction industry demand. More than 4,500 dry mortar silos in Bavaria, Saxony, Thuringia and Czech Republic ensure the leading position for supply of dry mortar products.

Central and always nearby

Nine branches with centrally positioned production facilities and careful warehousing ensure for a prompt delivery of maxit products.