"Neues Schloss" | Walthurn

Renovation interior plaster | "Neues Schloss" Waldthurn

The specification of the conservation authorities for the interior renovation was to use lime-based plasters and to preserve the old plaster as far as possible. The result is a beautiful, exemplary refurbished building that fully demonstrates the value and purpose of monument preservation.

Project details

"Neues Schloss" | Waldthurn

Ecosphere | "Neues Schloss" Waldthurn

Architects and clients demanded thermal insulation for the façade of the listed "Neues Schloss" Waldthurn in order to reduce the property's operating costs and to prevent the formation of mould in the non-insulating mixed masonry. It was the sprayable insulation system maxit ecosphere that prevailed.

Project details

Former ladies' convent | Wasungen

Renovation | Former ladies' convent Wasungen

The former monastery building is located directly on the main road in Wasungen and is now a real eye-catcher again. The façade shows the various developments during the building period and invites you to look around and linger in the beautiful garden.

Project details

Basement waterproofing | Margaretenau Regensburg

The precise execution of the waterproofing by skilled workers resulted in a perfectly waterproofed basement wall that allows high-quality use of the basement rooms at new-build level.

Project details

Family villa | Bayreuth

EIFS | Family villa in Bayreuth

The external thermal insulation composite system from maxit with its system-optimised components was a central element of the external wall on this property. As with the polystyrene insulation boards, system-optimised maxit mortars were also used to create the natural stone cladding, enabling a durable, high-quality façade in terms of building physics.

Project details

Thurnau Castle, Storchenbau

Ecosphere | Thurnau Castle, Storchenbau

The major challenge in upgrading the so-called Storchenbau (Stork Building) in Thurnau Castle was to preserve the historical authenticity of the façade in this area while at the same time meeting modern standards for energy efficiency and sustainability. maxit ecosphere played its part in making the castle shine in its former glory.

Project details

Renovation EIFS | Margaretenau Regensburg

Through a skilful combination of recreated historical plaster, clever colour design and true-to-the-original clinker brick slips, it has been possible to preserve the original appearance of the almost 100-year-old building despite renovation.

Project details

Fire protection | Vienna Airport tunnel

The use of maxit ip 160 for the fire protection renovation of the tunnel proved to be absolutely right. In addition to all the important technical parameters, the surface design was another important reason for choosing maxit ip 160. The renovated surfaces are hardly distinguishable from the existing ones.

Project details

Fire protection | Philippsthal Church

The result of the renovation is a historic-looking surface with contours and fire resistance - finished or prepared for further layering, depending on the client's wishes. Our lime smooth maxit ip 178 purcalc, our lime paint maxit kreacal 5030 or other products from our restorit product family would be predestined.

Project details

Schoenfels Castle | Lichtentanne

Renovation | Schoenfels Castle Lichtentanne

The result of the newly rendered keep is something to be proud of. All challenges were mastered, all wishes fulfilled, and in the end everyone involved had a big smile on their face. The cultural monument of Schoenfels Castle is undoubtedly worth a visit - today, after the renovation, anyway!

Project details

Convent of the Sisters of the Redeemer | Wuerzburg

Ecosphere | Congregation of the Sisters of the Redeemer

Destroyed during the war, rebuilt and now showing its age: The convent area of the Würzburg Sisters of the Redeemer, located in the city centre of Würzburg, is currently undergoing a comprehensive renovation. For the insulation of the exterior walls, the client and the responsible planners relied on the innovative Ecosphere spray insulation from maxit.

Project details

Church "St. Nikolaus" | Rudersdorf

Renovation | Church "St. Nikolaus" Rudersdorf

The façade design with the pilaster strips and window surrounds makes the church of "St. Nikolaus" appear in a new new splendour and yet with the same structure as 100 years ago.

Project details

Gebeinhäuser | Historic Cemetery Weimar

Renovation | "Gebeinhäuser", Historic Cemetery Weimar

In addition to the rendering and colouring of the surfaces, the doors and windows of the "Gebeinhäuser" (ossuary houses) were reconstructed or restored. Thanks to these restoration measures, these historic buildings can now bear witness to the burial culture of the past centuries.

Project details

WIR Quartier | Erfurt

EIFS | WIR Quartier Erfurt

On a total floor area of approx. 18,000 m², various types of housing were designed, accompanied by a wide range of service facilities. The WIR Quartier is home to a daycare centre with a kiss & drive area, residential communities for senior citizens as well as maisonettes and lofts for young families. All three building complexes follow the nature-living vision with generous terraces.

Project details

Tempelhof Tower | Berlin

Ecosphere | Tempelhof Tower Berlin

Seamless thermal insulation without the need to level out unevenness, prevention of waterlogging and mold, and thus thoroughly living-healthy interiors - maxit ecosphere was able to impress at the historic Tempelhof Airport. The innovative insulation was used in the 30 x 70 meter West Head Building over five floors.

Project details

Mozart-Gymnasium | Würzburg

Ecosphere | Mozart School Wuerzburg

The "windmill wing" of the MOZ was extensively renovated and converted in line with the requirements of a listed building. Around 5,000 square meters of office space have been created in the "VR@MOZ" - part of it is rented out, the majority is used by the VR bank itself. In addition to the windmill wing, the "annex building" and the "horseshoe building" of the Mozart site are being or have been renovated.

Project details

Basilica at Breitungen Castle | Herrenbreitungen

Renovation | Basilica at Breitungen Castle, Herrenbreitungen

The venerable building has survived the centuries and is today one of the most culturally and historically significant buildings in the Werra Valley. Ever since the restoration and renovation work in the mid-1990s, the basilica has served as an exhibition and concert hall with magnificent acoustics. Today, after the comprehensive exterior renovation, the listed building also shines from the outside - each architectural style on its own and as a great synthesis of the arts!

Project details

EIFS | Henglein & Sohn GmbH Abenberg

Thick plaster insulation systems require expertise and experience. With the purely mineral thick plaster insulation system from maxit, it was possible to fully meet the client's wishes and fulfil all requirements in terms of building physics, fire resistance and robustness. With the new building, the Henglein family business presents itself energetically up-to-date and ready for the future.

Project details

Referenzen von unserem Brandschutzputz | maxit Brandschutz

Fire protection | Deutsches Museum München

The savings in logistics and personnel costs enabled the specialist contractor carrying out the work to stay within the tight budget - despite the tough competition. With maxit ip 160, the Deutsches Museum in Munich succeeded in delivering exactly the high-quality surfaces expected by the client and also worthy of such a building project. The surfaces, e.g. reprofiled ribbed ceilings, once completed impressed with surface quality ready for painting.

Project details

ecosphere | Mehrgenerationenhaus Halle

Ecosphere | "Alte Schule" Halle

Designing the existing substance of an old building with new materials in such a way that it meets the requirements for thermal and fire protection as well as those for the protection of historical monuments - this challenge was mastered in the case of the "Alte Schule" in Halle. This is due in no small part to maxit's innovative ecosphere technology, which enables excellent insulation even on difficult substrates, delivering optimum technical parameters while conserving resources!

Project details

Renovation | Walhalla Donaustauf

Against the backdrop of the Danube valley, Walhalla sits enthroned on its pedestal and is hardly less impressive than its Greek model. Via the stairs and the large terraces, the numerous visitors to the monument can now (once again) safely reach the top - to glory and splendour, but above all to a magnificent view!

Project details

City hall tunnel | Lüdenscheid

Fire protection | Tunnel Lüdenscheid

The two tunnel tubes in Lüdenscheid run directly under the city hall and are heavily used every day. Nevertheless, they had to be renovated to improve fire protection and to install new operating technology. With our maxit ip 160, we made fire protection possible in high gear!

Project details

Renovation | Primary school Karolinum Altenburg

The façade of Altenburg's Karolinum is as impressive today as it was 100 years ago. The primary school, which is associated with memories and anecdotes for so many locals, is once again a real eye-catcher - thanks to craftsmanship and materials that meet the highest standards.

Project details

maxit-ecosphere Kottgeisering

Ecosphere | Exterior renovation Kottgeisering

Thanks to the client's willingness to innovate, the prudent planning by architect Dieter Mertens and the craftsmanship and experience of Wimmer & Partner - and not least thanks to the mineral products from maxit - the building shines in new splendour and historical practicality. An enrichment for the centre of Kottgeisering.

Project details

Renovation | Wartburg & Wartburg Hotel Eisenach

The famous Wartburg Castle has been restored to its former beauty. The defence wall, gatehouse, Wartburg Hotel, keep, knight's bath and the representative building "Palas" - in the course of the ten years of work, more than just one section of the historic castle received attention.

Project details

ecosphere | Margaretenau Regensburg

Ecosphere | Façade renovation Margaretenau

The research project - conducted in cooperation with the University of Regensburg and regularly audited by the responsible Federal Office - delivered a clear result: the maxit ecosphere system is excellently suited for use on existing buildings and offers a real alternative to conventional insulation systems.

Project details

Renovation | Sababurg Hofgeismar

Looking at the Sababurg today, after the renovation, it is hard to imagine that the complex had repeatedly fallen into a prolonged "Sleeping Beauty slumber" in different centuries. The restoration of the old walls has been completed and the natural stone, amidst its renewed jointing, looks stately and authentic as it did in the old days.

Project details

Jandorf department store | Berlin

Fire protection | Jandorf department store Berlin

The quality of the felted surface, the edge line of the plaster rails, and also the finish to the ceiling stucco turned out well. So good that later it was decided not to even paint the pillars.

Project details

Renovation | Kyffhäuser Monument Steinthaleben

The imposing monument shines in its old beauty! The joints perfectly match the sandstone of the Kyffhäuser monument - they do not stand out, but blend in well and create a homogeneous and, above all, unadulterated overall appearance.

Project details

Strohpanel | Interior renovation

The maxit straw carrier board for lime plaster is not only easy to work with, it also meets all requirements in terms of quality and functionality. It ensures a healthy indoor climate and more living comfort. A real ecological alternative to conventional drywall boards!

Project details

Strohpanel | Ceiling renovation

Centuries old - and yet the natural building material straw is as efficient as it is contemporary! The ceiling renovation in this apartment building was more than worth it. Not least thanks to the final coat of maxit kreasil 5020, the rooms look bright, spacious and comfortable after the renovation.

Project details

Strohpanel | Insulation timber construction

The requirements demanded by the client were met in full. The desired overall thermal insulation value could be achieved with the maxit Strohpanel and the façade would be 100% compostable when dismantled. The implementation of the insulation with maxit Strohpanel straw insulation panels ensures a CO2 saving of approx. 3.9 t and thus an extremely small and environmentally friendly ecological footprint.

Project details

Strohpanel | Insulation solid construction

The conditions set by the contractor with regard to the processing of the maxit Strohpanel insulating panels were met in full. With the straw insulating panels, the desired overall thermal insulation value was met, thus creating the basis for a comfortable living quality. The use of maxit straw insulating panels saved around 5.1 t of CO2 in this building project.

Project details

Strohpanel | Insulation of old buildings

The energetically upgraded house offers a comfortable living quality thanks to the façade insulation with maxit Strohpanel insulating panels. It protects the environment and ensures a minimal ecological footprint thanks to CO2 savings of around 1.8 t.

Project details

Renovation | Stone walls Petersberg Citadel Erfurt

The old, high fortress walls look as imposing as ever thanks to the joint renovation with maxit mur 950 HS - with a grain size of 0 - 4 mm and matched in colour to the existing structure. Thanks to the dry spraying method used and the subsequent surface treatment, the fortress walls shine in new "old" splendour after completion of the work.

Project details

Renovation | "Horchgänge" Petersberg Citadel Erfurt

The natural stone masonry of the Horchgänge (meaning the "listening passages") showed extensive damage; gaps and depressions, sometimes over 40 mm, ran through the joints. In addition, the narrow and over 2,000-metre-long corridors offered little space and required work without the practical aids of our time.

Project details

maxit-ecosphere Buergerhaus Arzberg

Ecosphere | General renovation Arzberg community centre

In the course of construction, the use of optimised profiles enabled cornices and projections to be over-insulated and re-formed. Unevenness in the façade was evened out and the required layer thickness of the sprayable insulation was precisely maintained. After completion of the insulation layer and reinforcement layer, profiled belt cornices and window sill profiles were incorporated all around the surface to reflect the late classicist style of the façade.

Project details

Ecosphere | Conversion of farm building Azendorf

When applying maxit eco 72 Sprayable Exterior Insulation, the installer benefits from a significant time advantage compared to alternative insulation solutions. Closing the defects and building up the insulation layer are achieved with one and the same product. The highly insulating, sprayable insulation material al so offers an ideal building physics function and permanent protection against condensation.

Project details

Ecosphere | Half-timbered house Strullendorf

After completion of the remaining finishing measures (drywall, screed, etc.), the area was covered with maxit ip 315 purcalc, a lime thin-layer plaster in surface quality Q2, and coated with a highly diffusion-open coat of maxit kreasil 5020 interior silicate paint.

Project details

Renovation | "Staatl. Kurhausbad" Bad Kissingen

A building with tradition, history and stories has been given a new lease of life - and, moreover, usefulness. The neglected Kurhausbad has been elegantly and cleverly transformed into the "House for Health Management" and Bad Kissingen, Germany's best-known spa town, thus retains another piece of time-honoured structure.

Project details

Architectural monument „Badstube zur Sonne“ | Bamberg

With the renovation of the old "Badstube zur Sonne" in Bamberg's old town, the set goals were ultimately met in full: the preservation of the listed building, its adaptation to the structural-physical requirements of our time and at the same time the preservation of its originality.

Project details

Ecosphere | Production building Zeulenroda

The company building of OTM Metallbau in Zeulenroda now shines in new splendour with a flush and mineral-insulated façade. The contractor, KSD Bau Zeulenroda, was pleased with the ease of application due to the stability of the material, which could be applied with a standard silo mixing pump and standard 35 mm hoses.

Project details

Fire protection | Pergamonmuseum Berlin

The brick ceilings of the Pergamonmuseum in Berlin could be optimally upgraded in terms of fire protection with maxit ip 160 ETA-approved fire protection plaster - without dowel perforation or unnecessary ceiling load. The upgraded surfaces were created quickly and easily and left spray-rough. They are subsequently completely concealed by the installation of suspended ceiling systems.

Project details

Bieberhaus Ohnsorg-Theater | Hamburg

The maxit ip 160 approved fire protection plaster was used as a visible surface on all flat ceilings in the Biberhaus building project. maxit ip 160 was able to meet the high requirements in the luxury segment in almost every area. Mirror-smooth surfaces were created in some areas through the additional application of a fine filler.

Project details

Paints | Am Mühlbachbogen Rosenheim

When renovating, follow architectural colour trends and at the same time proceed in an energetically sensible and durable way - at "Am Mühlbachbogen" in Rosenheim, planners and contractors succeeded particularly well. They relied on maxit intens for the colour selection of the façade coating.

Project details

Flooring | Oechsler Group Ansbach

Oechsler AG is considered a high-tech forge for future-oriented plastics technology. The basis for smooth distribution channels is a modern logistics centre. Our flooring specialists supported its new construction in autumn 2015 with high-quality, resilient industrial flooring.

Project details

Housing Association Raschau | Raschau - Markersbach

A good façade coating contributes significantly to maintaining the value of buildings. This guiding principle was also followed by the Raschau housing association in a renovation project in Raschau-Markersbach (Saxony). The task here was to renovate the façades of a residential complex. Thanks to the "maxit Solaren" façade coating, the dowel marks that had appeared on a composite thermal insulation system (ETICS) installed around 20 years ago could be permanently eliminated.

Project details

Military History Museum | Dresden

Among the numerous museums in the cultural metropolis of Dresden, the Military History Museum is the largest. Around 11,000 exhibits and the most modern military exhibition in Europe make it a magnet for visitors. The interior of the building was renovated and maxit was able to make a successful contribution by designing new floor surfaces.

Project details

Petra-Kelly-Straße | Munich

In Petra-Kelly-Straße in Munich, GRUND-IDEE Wohn- und Gewerbebau set itself an ambitious goal: the construction of Munich's most CO2-neutral solid house building. This goal was achieved. The decisive factors were two criteria that GRUND-IDEE specified in the building description: an interior plaster system from maxit with a special CO2-reduced binder and a CO2-reduced screed with a binder ...

Project details

Schweinfurt armoury

Zeughaus (armoury) | Schweinfurt

The well-known Schweinfurt armoury in post-Gothic and late Renaissance style was extensively renovated to house a meeting place for children, young people and families as a "House of the Family". The architects' requirements included high-quality design flooring. maxit realised it true to the original idea.

Project details

Kongresshalle (congress hall) | Leipzig

As part of the "1000 Years of Leipzig" celebration, the historic and glorious Leipzig Kongresshalle (congress hall) was reopened in May 2015. Frequently used in the 20th century as a venue for concerts as well as a trade fair hall, the congress hall then experienced a downturn. The citizens' initiative "Kongresshalle" under the auspices of the city and the trade fair have now successfully countered this.

Project details

Town Hall Kulmbach

Over 550 years of history, the façade in magnificent rococo style - Kulmbach's town hall is a real gem. Nevertheless, the traces of time were showing on it and the need for renovation became increasingly apparent.

Project details

Am Bürgerpark | Gundelsheim

Health in old age - and best of all in one's own four walls. That is the wish of many people. The Workers' Welfare Association Bamberg offers a successful basis for this: service living in Gundelsheim. A residential project for self-determination in old age has been developed at the Bürgerpark.

Project details

Building materials trade

The well-stocked building materials dealer knows about the quality of the maxit product range for the processor. Now the end consumer can also enjoy advice tailored to their needs. The maxit colour range makes it possible.

Project details

HUMA retail park | Schwabach

New construction and conversion measures in the retail sector are almost always accompanied by deadline pressure. This was also the case in Schwabach. There, a former shopping centre was converted into a HUMA retail park. maxit provided efficient solutions for the conversion and beat the time pressure.

Project details

PICK & UP | Bamberg

The PICK & UP building concept in Bamberg offers two different types of living combined in one space. PICK promises relaxed living in a kind of semi-detached house, while UP has a roof terrace for a real penthouse feeling.

Project details

Sonnenstein Castle | Pirna

Situated on a picturesque rocky plateau about 70 metres above the Elbe near Pirna, Sonnenstein Castle is a listed castle fortress with extensive grounds. From 2009 to 2011, Sonnenstein Castle was extensively renovated at a cost of around 45 million euros.

Project details

Underground car park Marthastraße | Nuremberg

In Nuremberg's Marthastraße, 62 barrier-free residential units were built by the Rost Group. The company Feulner & Streiter from Erlangen was particularly involved in the extensive construction process and, as a long-standing maxit customer, was entrusted with the screed and coating work.

Project details

Multi-generation house | Langenfeld

Facing demographic change with an open mind and seeing it as an opportunity - also in housing. In Langenfeld, this took the form of a multi-generation house.

Project details

"Bürgerpark" | Gundelsheim

Comfortable and equally self-determined living is an important concern for older people. The Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Workers' Welfare Association) and the company MKB GmbH & Co. Schlüsselfertigbau KG implemented such a project with the model project "Service-Wohnen am Bürgerpark - Generationen finden Raum" (Service living at Bürgerpark - Generations find space).

Project details

Luxury penthouse | Dresden

In Freiberger Straße in Dresden, USD Immobilien GmbH renovated and invested almost 8 million euros in a 10-storey residential building. As an additional highlight, an 11th floor was created on the roof in the form of a 223 square metre penthouse.

Project details