Celebratory welcome:

Bodo Ramelow, Minister President of the Free State of Thuringia, visits maxit

High-quality building materials made from natural mineral raw materials - that's what the maxit Group stands for. On Monday, 8 April 2024, we had the honour of presenting our company to the Minister President of the Free State of Thuringia at our site in Krölpa. Together with the District Administrator of the Saale-Orla district, Christian Herrgott, the Managing Director of the Gera Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Peter Höhne, the Mayor of the town of Krölpa, Jonas Chudasch, and a delegation of major building materials dealers, our guests were able to see for themselves the efficiency of our company and especially our site in Krölpa.

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"Our Thuringian natural gypsum is a high-quality raw material and what you conjure up from it here is fantastic, sustainable, without long transport routes," said Minister President Bodo Ramelow right at the start of the company visit. After the presentation of the economic structures and a presentation of the innovative products (e.g. straw insulation, mortar pad, "ecosphere") by the local managing director Norbert Pauli and the managing partners Hans-Dieter and Sebastian Groppweis, visitors were given a tour of the heart of the company. The site has been mined for over 150 years. Today, gypsum is mined in the surface mine and anhydrite in the underground mine. The Minister President and our guests were able to learn first-hand about the mining of the anhydrite resources at the site, the operation of the processing plants and further processing.