Fire protection? For sure!

ETA-approved fire protection plaster "maxit ip 160" strengthens concrete and steel components.

Spray-on safety: With "maxit ip 160", the Upper Franconian building materials manufacturer maxit presents a fire protection plaster of a special kind. Only small layer thicknesses are necessary to effectively protect concrete and steel structures from dangerous overheating. This is also confirmed by the European Technical Approval of the product. The processing is the same as for a normal spray plaster and is therefore many times easier than the application of panel solutions.

In the event of a fire, structural constructions are exposed to the highest temperatures in a very short time. In the worst case, collapse is imminent. But there is a solution that is as simple as it is safe: "maxit ip 160" is a fire protection plaster system that effectively protects concrete, steel and other building components from destructive heat. It can be used in accordance with European Technical Approval ETA-19/0667 as well as DIN 4102 T4 (section 5.1.4 according to paragraphs 3-6).

Small layer, big effect

As has already been proven in a wide variety of fire tests and scenarios, maxit ip 160 already manages with low layer thicknesses. It is a purely mineral product consisting of cement, hydrated lime, vermiculite, perlite and other aggregates. Its surface can be left spray-rough or smoothed or felted as a visible surface. It can also be finished with thin-layer or levelling plaster - as well as insulation, tiles or protective coatings.

Easier than panel solutions

maxit ip 160 is applied to the building components in a wet spray process following the profile and using an adhesion promoter. Application is the same as with conventional spray plaster, i.e. by plastering machine from a bag or silo. This makes it much more flexible and easier than the application of board solutions.

As a group CS II plaster according to DIN EN 998-1, maxit ip 160 is also suitable for exterior use and can also be tailored to the requirements in tunnel construction. The fire protection render is also predestined for use in areas with high humidity - such as multi-storey car parks, facades, underground garages or basements.

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 Key advantages at a glance:

  • applicable according to ETA-19/0667
  • can be used on concrete and steel components
  • only low layer thicknesses necessary
  • designable for visible surfaces
  • easy and quick to apply with conventional plastering machines
  • available in bags and silos