Certified with the ecolabel "Blue Angel"

Today, modern interior plasters must be technically convincing in many respects. Coordinated compressive strength and a consistently high pH value are just as important as a low modulus of elasticity and optimum sorption and desorption behavior. The "soft skills" of interior plasters play a particularly important role today, e.g. their positive impact on people and the environment. They should be sustainable, ecological and environmentally compatible. They should be beneficial to health, prevent allergies, optimize the indoor climate and thus make a significant contribution to living comfort.

The "Blue Angels" maxit ip 178 purcalc and maxit ip 381 pluscalc meet the requirements for modern, ecological and healthy living products. They are low in emissions and have a very low pollutant content.

maxit ip 178 purcalc
Smooth lime finish

  • to apply by hand
  • mold-inhibiting
  • water vapor permeable
  • moisture regulating
  • easy to smooth
  • natural white

maxit ip 381 pluscalc
Low CO2 plaster

  • CO2-reduced
  • high pH value
  • mold-inhibiting
  • low tension
  • feltable/smoothable
  • room climate optimizing

Healthy living construction

Within one's own four walls, it is clearly noticeable that health and well-being are inextricably linked. It is not uncommon for (home) comfort to be disturbed by unpleasant odors and pollutants in the indoor air. Typical effects are headaches, irritation of the mucous membranes, nausea or fatigue.

maxit ip 178 purcalc and maxit ip 381 pluscalc create - thanks to their excellent structural-physical properties - a healthy and comfortable living climate. Due to their higher alkalinity and good sorption capacity, they do not provide a breeding ground for mold and fungi.

Sign for the environment

The Blue Angel is the German government's environmental label and identifies environmentally friendly products and services. Certified products have a demonstrably lower impact on the climate and the environment - with the same quality - and meet high standards for health protection.

The Blue Angel pays attention to this:

  • resource-saving production
  • sustainable production of resources
  • avoidance of harmful substances in the product
  • reduced emissions of harmful substances
  • reduced noise and electromagnetic radiation
  • efficient use
  • longevity, ability to repair and recycle the product
  • good fitness for use
  • compliance with international occupational safety standards
  • take-back systems and shared-useservices