maxit wins prestigious architect award with "Ecosphere" spray insulation

"Architects' Darling Award" goes to Upper Franconia

Trend-setting and sustainable: The mineral spray insulation "maxit ecosphere" won this year's "Architects' Darling Award". In the category "Best Product Innovation - Finishing", our innovative insulation technology impressed not only with its great market potential, but also with its sustainability. The resource-saving duo of micro hollow glass spheres and special high-performance mortar is the result of intensive research work. The innovative Ecosphere system combines high thermal insulation with flexibility: a wide variety of façades can thus be optimised in terms of energy in a sustainable manner.

The CO2 emissions of German households are too high in view of the climate targets that have been set. To achieve the latter, new sustainable solutions for more energy efficiency are needed. One such innovation for energy-efficient building renovation is "Ecosphere" spray insulation. It received a special award on 9 November in Celle: the innovative insulation technology won the prestigious "Architects' Darling Award" for "Best Product Innovation - Finishing".

The market potential and the sustainability of the innovative insulation technology were the decisive factors for the top-class jury of experts. Especially with regard to the degree of innovation, no product in this category was more convincing than Ecosphere: Because the combination of heat-insulating micro hollow glass spheres and modern high-performance mortar is forward-looking in many respects. "The award as Architects' Darling is another wonderful confirmation of our intensive research work," the managing directors Hans-Dieter and Sebastian Groppweis are pleased to say. "The new Ecosphere system brings together what for a long time seemed incompatible. It combines high thermal insulation with the necessary flexibility to optimise the energy performance of a wide variety of façades. And it does so in a sustainable way. 


Award-winning Azendorf think tank

Creative inventiveness and the development of innovative products are firmly anchored in maxit's corporate culture. In the triangle between Bayreuth, Kulmbach and Bamberg, the company's own research and development centre, for example, offers ideal working conditions to put the ideas of clever minds into practice. Here, the maxit researchers, together with colleagues from the University of Bayreuth and Dyneon (3M), were able to tinker with the Ecosphere technology. "The team has brought an innovative as well as environmentally friendly solution for energy-efficient building renovation to the market," the managing directors are pleased to say. Not only winning the "Architects' Darling Award" shows that the effort was worthwhile. Last year, our development team was even a finalist in the race for the German President's prize "Deutscher Zukunftspreis".


Gold for Ecosphere: The top-class jury of experts at the Architects' Darling Awards praised not only the market potential and sustainability but also the degree of innovation of the new insulation technology. Photo: Heinze GmbH

Sebastian Groppweis (centre), Günther Strasser (right) and Johannes Eberlein (left) accepted the award in person. Photo: Heinze GmbH, Marcus Jacobs