Turning the innovation wheel

BAU 2019: maxit shows creative solutions for contemporary construction and renovation

Real innovations from its own research laboratory are presented by mortar pad manufacturer maxit (Azendorf) at BAU 2019 in Munich. The focus is on a completely new generation of building materials, the novel "Ecosphere" insulation system: vacuum hollow glass spheres combine with advanced mortar technology to create sprayable interior as well as exterior wall insulation. To further pick up on the trend of ecological insulation materials, maxit is also presenting straw insulation boards for ETIC systems for the first time at the trade fair. The boards do not require PU glue or other chemical additives and are therefore completely biological. In addition to new products, tried and tested products such as the adhesive and reinforcing mortar "maxit multi 292 EIS" or the crowd-puller "Mörtelpad" can also be admired - at the maxit trade fair stand 214 in Hall A1.

In times of growing ecological interest, maxit's (Azendorf) trade fair appearance at BAU 2019 in Munich is also all about ecology: With the mineral spray insulation "Ecosphere" for interior and exterior walls, the Franconian company is ushering in a new era in thermal insulation. "Conservation of resources, weight reduction, long-term stability as well as easy processing without gluing or dowelling set our product apart from the competition," explains Reinhard Tyrok, Head of Marketing at maxit. Ecosphere is the result of a long-term research project, supported by federal funds. "We talk about the marriage between glass and mortar. The result is a whole new generation of building materials," says Tyrok.  >> maxit ecosphere


Conventional unconventional - ETICS made of straw panels

For those who like it a little more conventional and still have the ecological factor in mind, the new straw insulation boards for ETIC systems are also an interesting option. As a by-product of agriculture, straw is available in almost unlimited quantities and has been used in the building sector for centuries due to its excellent insulating properties. After some development time, maxit has now found a way to use it to produce an insulation solution for modern construction that is as sustainable as it is safe: During processing, the basic material is pressed into board form, with a completely biodegradable protein adhesive serving as the binder. "So far, only a pilot plant exists. In order to plan industrial production, we are deliberately using BAU 2019 as a yardstick," explains Tyrok.  >> maxit Strohpanel


Inconsistent weather? - Winter mortar!

Even during the construction process, temperatures play an important role that often pose challenges for construction companies: While it is still sunny during the day, it can quickly drop below zero degrees at night in spring or autumn. This nocturnal frost can have a negative effect on the material properties of some building materials, which is why they may no longer be processed. In this case, "maxit multi 292 EIS" promises to be an adhesive and reinforcing mortar that does not lose any of its curing and setting behaviour even at temperatures as low as minus eight degrees Celsius. "We have successfully tested this under real conditions and even have a prominent advocate for our product who will probably also stop by our trade fair stand," Tyrok is pleased to say. 


Innovative perennial favourite - the Mörtelpad

Even four years after its world premiere at BAU 2015, the maxit Mörtelpad is not to be missed. The advantages of the prefabricated mortar pads are now internationally known: In addition to safe and clean construction, the Mörtelpad convinces with quick and uncomplicated processing.  Live and on site, maxit will again provide proof of this at the trade fair stand. "Our wheel of innovations is constantly turning. We are therefore looking forward to the always fruitful exchange with trade visitors at BAU," says Tyrok.  >> maxit mörtelpad


All maxit innovations can be seen from 14 to 19 January at "BAU 2019" in Munich - at stand 214 in hall A1.  >> maxit at BAU 2019