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EPF trade fair: maxit presents fast-drying flowing screeds

"maxit plan 450" is based on calcium sulphate. It scores with short drying times and is ideal for heated floors in domestic and commercial areas. "maxit floor 4642 torpedo" is also fast-drying and highly resilient. As a cement-bound industrial screed, it withstands heavy mechanical loads. "Our trade fair highlights were each developed for special areas of application. However, both are characterised by the fact that they are easy to process, have enormous flow properties and can be loaded and covered early," explains Hartmut Lange, Sales Manager of the maxit Group. 

A level subfloor is the first step towards successful interior construction. In residential and commercial construction as well as in industry, flowing screeds often prove to be the best choice. Here, the maxit Group (Azendorf) offers a wide range of customised solutions. Two flagship products now convinced at this year's flooring trade fair EPF in Feuchtwangen: Optimised in terms of location and type of use, the calcium sulphate flowing screed "maxit plan 450" and the cement flowing screed "maxit floor 4642 torpedo" each combine the best building physics properties for their fields of application.

Down-to-earth success: 
„maxit plan 450“ 

Good flowing properties, slender structure, high stability: These are the characteristics of all flowing screeds of the maxit Group. In combination with underfloor heating, calcium sulphate screeds are particularly convincing: they practically "flow around" the heating pipes and thus ensure a void-free pipe sheathing. In this way, optimum heat emission and distribution is achieved. Compared to conventional products, they require only half the heating time and thus save heating energy. The "maxit plan 450" screed, which has recently been optimised once again, has a particularly positive effect here. "Due to its short drying times and early readiness for covering, it shortens the work process and proves to be very economical," explains Hartmut Lange, Sales Manager of the maxit Group. Just one day after installation, the flowing screed can be heated and partially loaded at a flow temperature of fifty degrees. Before the setting process begins, screed layers can work without time pressure, as the material can be processed for up to 45 minutes. Another advantage is its low shrinkage behaviour, so that large-area laying is possible with a low proportion of joints. In addition, it does not deform when heated and is suitable for any floor covering - whether tile, parquet or carpet. With these advantages, it scores points especially in residential and commercial construction.

Quick – quicker –
„maxit floor 4642 torpedo“

The maxit Group is also innovative in industrial construction: the cement-bound flowing screed "maxit floor 4642 torpedo" was the focus of interest at the EPF trade fair. It was developed for bonding with concrete in the industrial sector. Thanks to its high compressive and flexural strength, it is suitable for floors subject to mechanical stress. The flowing screed is recommended for use in warehouses and production halls where high weight and movement loads act on the subfloor. For light and medium loads, "maxit floor 4642 torpedo" does not require any further coating. If it is subject to high mechanical and chemical stress, additional protection with maxit system products is recommended. The mineral coating "maxit floor 4610 DuroRapid" is an ideal addition here. This way, the floor can withstand even heavily loaded forklift trucks. Alternatively, maxit reaction resins have proven themselves.

The hallmarks of "maxit floor 4642 torpedo" are its high early strength and load-bearing capacity. Due to its good flow and pumping properties, it can also be applied cleanly, easily and quickly. In addition, it is low-shrinkage and ensures even surfaces. "No part of a building is subjected to as much stress through weight and movement as the floor," explains Hartmut Lange. "With the 'down-to-earth solutions' of our extensive flowing screed range, we reconcile ergonomic and economic advantages."


For more information on the flowing screeds "maxit plan 450" and "maxit floor 4642 torpedo", interested planners, processors and builders can contact the maxit Group directly – by telephone (+49 911 321688-512) or e-mail (info.nuernberg@maxit.de).