duo mix plus - The mixing pump with the revolutionary mixing technology

The dual mixing system with two-way blending plus the patented soaking principle.
The two separated wet mixing zones of the duo-mix plus guarantee the best mortar quality, homogeneous mixing, flawless and economical. With the standard design, all customary plasters and flowing screeds are processable. We provide corresponding conversion kits for special features.
A wet mortar probe prevents the water running back into the dry material zone. In just a few steps you can convert the duo-mix plus.
The machine can be fed with bagged material, silo goods (e.g. in conjunction with an m-tec silo and the hurrican conveying system), as well as bucket coat materials.

Captivating benefits:

  • The dual mixing system with two-way blending provides the best mortar quality
  • The newest mixing technology guarantees uniformed material consistency, gone are the days with the “thick-thin problems”
  • Three types of device in one machine: mixing pump, mortar pump and continuous mixer
  • A probe monitors the fill level in the second mixing zone
  • Removable flange for use of various spiral casings

The new patented soaking principle:
The mixing pump processes all common dry mortar products up to three millimetres in grain size. The technical highlight is the material transfer from the dosing section to the mixing section. The water is not sprayed at the material anymore, instead dosed according to a patented soaking principle, that sprinkles it into a pool of water and then mixes.

Technical information

Delivery volume:
between 5 and 60 l/min (dependent on worm pump)
Conveying distance:
up to 60 m
Conveying height:
up to 30 m
Conveying pressure:
up to 30 bar
The conveying output is dependent on the material to be conveyed, as well as the applied stator and rotor.)
Mixing area:
3 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 260 Upm
Pump section:
5.5 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 400 Upm
Compressed air supply:
0.9 kW, approx. 250 l/min, max. 4 bar
Water pump:
0.75 kW, approx. 60 l/min, max. 6 bar
Electrical connection:
400 V, 50 Hz - three-phase current, Fuse: 25 A, Connected load 23 A, Connecting cable: 5 x 4.0 mm², Connector: 32 A, 5 P, 6 h
Water supply:
3/4" water hose with GEKA coupling, required water pressure/min. 2.5 bar while machine is running
(LxWxH) approx. 1350 x 640 x 1390 mm
Filling height for bagged materials:
1020 mm
approx. 250 kg (excl. accessories)



Scope of delivery

  • Mixing pump and compressor with automatic cut-off
  • Integral water pump
  • Pump nozzle M35 incl. reducer V35/V25
  • 1 stator free of maintenance type m-tec star incl. corresponding rotor
  • 1 mortar hose NW 25, 10 m long
  • Air hose, 11 m long
  • 1 spray gun
  • 1 turning socket
  • 1 pressure manometer hose
  • Diverse tool parts