P50 - our flexible pump!

The m-tec P50 is a powerful mortar pump for processing pumpable products with a granularity of up to 8 mm. Therefore, the P50 is particularly used in the processing of mortar, concrete and plaster as well as flowing screed. There are various options available suitable for the applications with an output of up to 140 l/min.

All of the P50 versions are suitable for the construction site and are equipped with a hopper made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. There is the choice between a small (90 l) or large (120 l) hopper, which can be optionally equipped with an additional mixing unit. This option is suitable for products that are difficult to mix, such as self-levelling materials.

There are three options to select from with regard to the drive: 5.5 kW, 7.5 kW or 9.2 kW output. All drive speeds can, upon request, be controlled by a frequency converter, which in turn enables a simple and quick adjustment of the pump output.

The control panel has been intentionally implemented as a separate unit on the P50 in order to enable quick cleaning of the pump with the high-pressure cleaner. In addition, the clear and plain design of the control elements is satisfying.

Naturally, the P50 has connections for operation with a compressor and for fully automatic feeding by means of a mixer. Likewise self-evident, the large wheels enable smooth transport on-site.



Technical information

Standard delivery volume:
approx. 3 - 140 l/min (dependent on version and worm pump)
Conveying distance:*
up to 120 m 
Conveying height:*
up to 40 m
Conveying pressure:*
up to 30 bar
Drive motor:
5.5 - 9.2 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
Electrical connection:
400 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph
25 / 35 A
Connecting cable:
5 x 4.0 mm²
32A, 5p, 6h
approx. 2100 x 590 x 620 mm (P50 with large hopper 9.2 kW drive)
approx. 110 kg - 170 kg

*Dependent on consistency, quality and composition of the material, pump model and condition, diameter and length of the delivery hose as well as the pumping height of the material.

P50 - facts

Areas of application and use

All pumpable dry mortar such as:

  • Flowing screed
  • Lime gypsum plaster
  • Cement plaster
  • Lime plaster
  • Lime-cement plaster
  • Masonry mortar
  • Finishing plaster
  • Reinforcing and adhesive mortar
  • Levelling compounds
  • Self-levelling products

P50 - added benefits

Easy Use
Together, clearly structured controls, a compact and lightweight design and tensioning wedges make the P50 easy to handle.
Easy Pump

The use of a frequency converter enables the pump motor to be started at full power and permits a continuous output.

Scope of delivery

P50 pump incl. pump motor, material container, various versions optionally supplied

For details, please contact your local sales representative.

Recommended accessories

  • Pump end piece including pressure gauge,
  • Motor coupling with wear brushes,
  • Hoses,
  • Compressor,
  • Rotor / stator,
  • Remote control cable,
  • Finishing plaster spray gun, adhesive gun