Bieberhaus Ohnsorg-Theater | Hamburg

Perfect surfaces in living room quality

The maxit ip 160 approved fire protection plaster was used as a visible surface on all flat ceilings in the Bieberhaus building project. maxit ip 160 was able to meet the high requirements in the luxury segment in almost every area. Mirror-smooth surfaces were created in some areas through the additional application of a fine filler.

Minimum room height despite fire protection

Conventional fire protection plasters cannot be smoothed or attractively designed on visible surfaces at all or only with considerable effort. In most cases, an additionally installed suspended ceiling is necessary here, but the spatial conditions did not allow for its installation as part of the fire protection upgrade of the building. The task was to maintain the minimum room height for the planned use as luxury flats under all circumstances. A fire protection plaster with a visually appealing visible surface would be optimal for this application.

Fire protection plaster as visible surface

maxit ip 160 approved fire protection plaster can be perfectly aligned and felt. Even without additional finishing plaster, hard and extremely damage-resistant surfaces can be achieved, even in surface quality Q2. If the visual requirements exceed this quality level, a further fine plaster build-up or smoothing can be realised without any problems.

Heidi-Kabel-Platz 1
20099 Hamburg


  • maxit ip 160 Fire protection plaster, approx. 50 t
  • maxit multi 280, approx. 20 t

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