Ecosphere | Conversion of farm building Azendorf

Protection and value retention with only one product

When applying maxit eco 72 Sprayable Exterior Insulation, the installer benefits from a significant time advantage compared to alternative insulation solutions. Closing the defects and building up the insulation layer are achieved with one and the same product. The highly insulating, sprayable insulation material al so offers an ideal building physics function and permanent protection against condensation.

Exterior insulation on mixed masonry

In times of land shortage for housing, the conversion of existing buildings is becoming more and more important. The farm building, which was constructed with solid natural stone, had to be energy-efficiently upgraded for this conversion and insulated on the outside. An insulation solution based on boards was hardly possible due to the mixed masonry with large defects and a different building fabric. In addition, the task was to achieve the requirements for the wall construction with a low insulation thickness.

Spray insulation from the silo

In contrast to traditional board solutions, no levelling plaster was necessary when insulating with maxit eco 72 Sprayable Exterior Insulation. After applying the maxit eco 70 bonding primer, the sprayable insulation was applied directly and in the required insulation thickness. Joints and depressions in the foundation masonry were thus completely levelled in just one spray coat with the same material.

Construction site:
Bergmann Kalk, Kasendorf


  • maxit eco 70 Bonding layer
  • maxit eco 72 Sprayable exterior insulation


Application thickness:
80 – 100 mm

Project location