Logistics centre rests on solid ground

Oechsler AG relies on maxit floor systems for new building

Cross-industry and international: The Oechsler Group (Ansbach) is considered a high-tech forge for future-oriented plastics technology. The basis for smooth distribution channels is a modern logistics centre. The floor specialists from Franken Maxit (Nuremberg) supported its new construction in autumn 2015 with high-quality, resilient industrial floors. Thanks to a complete package of advice, flooring systems and machine technology, maxit ensured fast, error-free processing.

The SME sector has always been a haven for so-called hidden champions. These companies have made a name for themselves in their specific niches thanks to great innovative strength. The plastic product spectrum of Oechsler AG from Middle Franconia is a prime example of this: it ranges from precise individual parts to complex assemblies - for example for automotive and medical technology as well as for other selected industries. In addition to its two German locations in Ansbach and Weißenburg, Oechsler is present in four other countries. Last year, the company was therefore awarded the honorary plaque "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" in Berlin.


Regional partners as a proven team

Investment at headquarters: In order to maintain its lead, Oechsler AG invested four million euros in the construction of a new logistics centre at its Ansbach site. The Peteranderl architectural office from Nuremberg was entrusted with the planning and tendering of the new building. The structural work was carried out by the construction company Moezer from Lichtenau. Other important trades were also assigned to specialised companies from Middle Franconia.

For the industrial flooring project, the region offered a well-coordinated team in the form of Franken Maxit and Fürstenhöfer Estrichtechnik (Fürth). Already during the tendering phase, the team developed a viable concept for the realisation of the floors. At the centre of the considerations: The right product system for the high demands on the stress of the floor. At the same time, the partners had to ensure the shortest possible execution and service life in their proposal. Fürstenhöfer had already proven its capabilities in this regard for several smaller and medium-sized areas at other Oechsler locations. For example, production areas in Ansbach were renovated with maxit products at the beginning of 2014 and workshop floors in Weißenburg in the summer of 2015.

Functional floor coverings for functioning logistics

In October 2015, the starting signal was given for the floor installation in the new logistics centre: Fürstenhöfer carried out the industrial floor work on approximately 2,400 square metres in the new building in Ansbach. First, the subfloor was prepared by milling and shot blasting. Then "maxit floor 4716" was applied as a primer and "maxit floor 4610 DuroTop" was applied as a mineral coating. Finally, the craftsmen sealed the floor to make it diffusion-open. Franken Maxit ensured the supply of the total of about 20 tonnes of standard industrial coating "maxit floor 4610" by means of a silo with a single-chamber mixing pump (EMP).

The result is impressive: The cement-bound floor systems meet all requirements for evenness, strength and resilience. Thanks to on-time delivery and finely tuned machine technology, considerable time advantages were achieved during construction. These were additionally supported by the material properties: It was of great importance that maxit industrial flooring products are extremely flowable and machine-compatible. This enabled ergonomic, clean, labour-saving and, above all, fast processing.

Oechsler AG
Matthias-Oechsler-Straße 9
91522 Ansbach

Fürstenhöfer Estrichtechnik
Fritz-Griebel-Straße 7
90765 Fürth

Architekturbüro Peteranderl
Schleifweg 37
90409 Nürnberg

Shell construction:
Bauunternehmen Moezer
Ansbacher Straße 4
91586 Lichtenau


  • maxit floor 4716
  • maxit floor 4610 DuroTop
  • Single-chamber mixing pump (EMP)


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