Dark colours as an architectural trend

Unlimited design freedom for colour coatings on the façade

When renovating, follow architectural colour trends and at the same time proceed in an energetically sensible and durable way - at "Am Mühlbachbogen" in Rosenheim, planners and contractors succeeded particularly well. They relied on maxit intens for the colour selection of the façade coating.

Architecturally convincing and technically clean and well thought-out in detail - these were the requirements for the implementation of "Am Mühlbachbogen" in Rosenheim. Until now, paint coats with a lightness value of less than 20 were not possible on external thermal insulation composite systems. The consequence would be extreme heat dust formation in the surface layers with possible deformation of the façade surface in sunlight. Porosity and short renovation cycles would be the result. In this project, the architects wanted a dark façade design and glazed arcades flush with the façade. At the same time, heat accumulation due to sunlight on dark colours was to be avoided. Above all, this was to eliminate the risk of cracks and deformations in the masonry. In addition, the integration of flush-fitting lighting elements without thermal bridges into the façade posed a further challenge.

maxit intens façade paint effectively counteracts the formation of heat dust. The paint formulation enables the reflection of the infrared part of the sunlight. Infrared radiation is decisive for the heating of coloured and dark surfaces. maxit intens, on the other hand, enables light and colour resistance and contributes to a clean, mineral appearance. Energy efficiency and architectural aesthetics go hand in hand.

HSAI Projektentwicklung GmbH
Neuherberger Str. 15
83026 Rosenheim

Fred Maier Architekturbüro
Martin-Oberndorfer-Straße 3
83395 Freilassing

Malereifachbetrieb Kröll GmbH
Schillerstraße 13
84494 Neumarkt-Sankt Veit


  • ETIC system with 80-200 mm EPS 035 and MW fire bar
  • maxit multi 285 Adhesive and reinforcing mortar
  • Render primer
  • Silicone resin render 3 mm
  • Coating system maxit intens

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