Strohpanel | Ceiling renovation

Ceilings on "a natural basis"

Centuries old - and yet the natural building material straw is as efficient as it is contemporary! In the form of maxit straw carrier boards for lime plaster, it offers an impressive option for ecological dry construction. The ceiling renovation in the apartment building in question was more than worth it. Not least thanks to the final coat of maxit kreasil 5020, the rooms look bright, spacious and comfortable after the renovation.

Ecological ceiling renovation

The task was to renovate the ageing ceilings in the entrance area, staircase and hallways of an apartment building. In this case, the ceilings were old wood (2nd floor) and concrete (1st floor) - uneven, brittle and plastered with reed mats. In addition to the ceilings, the electrical installation and lighting also had to be renewed. The use of ecological building materials was particularly important to the clients for this renovation..

Plaster boards made of straw

First of all, the uneven surfaces were provided with a dry wooden substructure, true to plumb. The distance between the support battens was 40 cm each. The subsequent installation of the maxit carrier boards for lime plaster on the substructure was very simple and quick thanks to the low weight of the boards. In the process, the plaster boards were attached "in bond" and fastened using flat-head drywall screws (alternatively: wide back staples). Ceiling recesses could be made with a hand saw and jigsaw for a precise fit. The subsequent reinforcement layer was made with maxit ip 315 purcalc and exactly this material was also chosen for the surface design: The lime thin-layer plaster maxit ip 315 purcalc was processed into an elegant felt layer.

Construction site: Hollfeld

Surface area: approx. 55 m²

Time period: August 2021


  • maxit Strohpanel straw carrier boards for lime plaster, 22 mm
  • maxit ip 315 purcalc
  • maxit reinforcement fabric PS
  • maxit kreasil 5020

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