Strohpanel | Insulation renovation

Small print, big effect

The energetically upgraded house offers a comfortable living quality thanks to the façade insulation with maxit Strohpanel insulating panels. It protects the environment and ensures a minimal ecological footprint thanks to CO2 savings of around 1.8 t.

Energetic façade renovation

The client's goal was to create a CO2-binding, recyclable façade. The façade of the semi-detached house, consisting of 80 m² of gable and one eaves side, was ecologically renovated and architecturally designed using maxit Strohpanel insulation panels, mineral system adhesive and finishing plaster.

Straw insulating panels with lime finishing plaster

maxit multi 300 adhesive and reinforcing mortar were used to apply maxit Strohpanel insulating panels. The boards - 300 x 800 mm in size, with an insulation thickness of 150 mm and a thermal conductivity of 0.0405 W/(m·K) - were also mechanically fixed using maxit STR-U 2G screw anchors. They were then given a two-layer coat of lime plaster. At the customer's request, opening reveals and external corners were rounded off to increase the influx of light and give the architecture of the house a more modern look.

Construction site:
Dirk Schamer, Lüneburg

Dirk Schamer

Time period:
October 2020

Surface area:
approx. 80 m²


  • maxit Strohpanel insulating panels, 150 mm
  • maxit multi 300 adhesive and reinforcing mortar
  • Lime plaster (base and top coat)