A superlative event

The inauguration of the new GGR lime kiln and the Mörtelpad production hall


The inauguration of the new GGR lime kiln and the Mörtelpad production hall was prepared for a long time and celebrated with an "open quarry day" on the following Sunday. Bergmann Kalk and Franken Maxit beat the big drum with invitation cards, posters, advertisements, radio spots and traffic signs. At 13.00, the department heads and the management of the two companies welcomed the first guests. On the day of the celebration, beer benches and information stands were set up. There, guests could learn about the development of traditional masonry mortar into the innovative maxit Mgebrörtelpad, maxit solar products in practice, the processing of modern ETIC systems, the pouring of screeds and industrial floor coatings, the maxit training programme and about the burnt and unburnt products of Bergmann Kalk. 

The guest of honour, Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner, lit the new lime kiln by means of pyrotechnics after a short tour. Hans-Dieter Groppweis presented the Minister of Economics with the unique "Bergmann-Kristall", a glass cuboid into which the silhouette of our lime kiln was artfully lasered in detail. After the opening of the hall, the management handed over the floor to the guest of honour and keynote speaker Mr Erwin Huber, former Bavarian Minister of Economics and Finance and Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery. In his entertaining speech, he praised the path that Bergmann Kalk and Franken Maxit have already taken. Even in Bavaria, which is so accustomed to success, it was an outstanding achievement to increase the number of employees from 25 at the beginning to a total of about 700 within almost 40 years. The companies are a constant economic factor in the region and have become real brands in the construction industry.

The visitors were treated to music, a buffet and an event of a very special kind: a spectacular fireworks display framed by the walls of the extensive quarry area provided the absolute highlight of the evening. The colours of the exploding firecrackers silhouetted against the white walls and the echoing sounds of explosions in the quarry's funnel were impressive.

The next morning, the "Open Quarry Day" started at 10.00 am. More than 8,000 guests came there that day and enjoyed a varied programme. They could climb the new lime kiln and enjoy the view of the factory premises and the surrounding area. In addition to the opportunity to tour the plant and get lots of information, there were many product innovations to marvel at in live demonstrations. And those who wanted to know how the raw material lime is extracted in a modern quarry operation could not miss the free "quarry safaris" with the gigantic dump trucks, with jeeps and air-conditioned minibuses on the extensive quarrying area. In addition, the XXL vehicle park of open-cast mining, silo plate and injection hoist awaited its discoverers. Franconian delicacies were offered at all times in the cosy beer garden and in the large festival hall. It was a festival for the whole family, with a bouncy castle, merry-go-round and playmobile for the little ones to enjoy on Sunday. A raffle in the festival hall provided an exciting finale for all visitors with many prizes in kind. 

We would like to thank all our helpers who were involved in the run-up to and at the celebration.