Flowing screeds from maxit - the right solution for every construction project

Health-friendly installation, easy processing, fast construction progress: flowing screeds have been established on the market for decades. Nowadays, it is also possible to significantly shorten the time until they are dry and ready for covering. Dry mortar specialist Maxit (Azendorf), for example, has a range of products with which the desired readiness for covering can be achieved unerringly and very quickly. These flowing screeds are used both in residential buildings and in commercial and property construction.

Whether "maxit torro" or others: All maxit flowing screeds are produced as factory-mixed ready-mixed dry mortars and are regularly delivered in silos with a mixing pump.

Flowing screeds from maxit are distributed with a pouring hose and are also well suited for use on underfloor heating systems.

Upright, back-friendly and simple: After reaching the target height, the screed mortar is processed directly with the buffing bar.

Time is money: This principle is particularly true on construction sites. If only one trade is behind schedule, this also has an impact on all other parties involved in the construction process - often with costly consequences. When laying liquid screed, flooring professionals must be able to rely on the time specifications of the respective manufacturer. Here, it is advisable to rely on well-known manufacturers with the relevant experience. "We know how important plannable processes are for planners, builders and contractors. Flowing screeds from maxit have already proven their reliability on tens of millions of square meters," explains Sales Manager Hartmut Lange from the maxit Group and adds: "With them, the desired readiness for covering can be achieved unerringly - between one day and several weeks, depending on the requirements. And that in the highest execution quality."


Plenty of choice for every drying requirement

Calcium sulfate flowing screeds are the most important on the market. These include "maxit plan 490", which is a particularly ecological variant. It is used in residential construction and in office areas and can be applied as a bonded screed, on a separating layer, on an insulating layer and on underfloor heating systems. It is ready for covering after around six weeks, depending on the conditions at the construction site. In addition to good technical properties, the product scores particularly well due to its composition: Its main component is natural anhydrite, which is extracted by the maxit Group in its own underground mining operations. No thermal treatment is required for the preparation of natural anhydrite, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions during production. The heating screed "maxit plan 450" is used when it is necessary to achieve readiness for covering in heated constructions after a maximum of four weeks. This also works for underfloor heating systems operated at low flow temperatures. For thin-layer underfloor heating systems, which play a particularly important role in renovation, "maxit plan 4193" is used. This calcium sulfate thin screed can be used to produce heated constructions with a layer thickness starting at 20 millimeters.

In the field of cementitious flowing screeds, too, maxit has a broad, differentiated product range. For one and a half decades, this has included the fast-drying "maxit plan 4442 turbo", which is ready for covering after 10 to 14 days. It is used in residential construction and for office spaces - as a fast screed on a separating layer, on an insulating layer, on a cavity floor, and as a heating screed. maxit plan 4442 turbo reaches readiness for covering largely independent of site conditions. It owes its designation as "turbo" to the classic rapid screed formulation with a ternary binder system. The gap between normal and extremely short drying times is now closed by the new product from maxit: "maxit plan 4441 torro". This cement-bound flowing screed is ready for covering after four weeks at the latest, regardless of whether underfloor heating is present or not. It is the flowable and health-friendly alternative to conventional, "accelerated" screeds, which are mixed as a site screed and processed conventionally while kneeling. It also makes it possible to use one and the same product throughout the entire building - in the living area as well as in the bathroom or garage.


Standard work provides overview

Whether bound with calcium sulfate or cement: All maxit flowing screeds are manufactured as factory-mixed ready-mixed dry mortars, which are usually delivered in silos with a mixing pump. For smaller construction projects, they are also available as bagged products. They can also be processed at extremely low outside temperatures. All the above products are suitable for heated constructions and have surfaces that only require cleaning sanding by the floor layer.

An overview of all flowing screeds from maxit - along with detailed processing instructions - can be found by flooring professionals in the 136-page manual "Boden im Fokus", maxit's updated standard work.