The maxit Christmas campaign

Doing good together!

Another Christmas mug, another biros, the umpteenth executive calendar at the end of the year. Admittedly, small gifts are known to keep friendships alive. But isn't it also the case that the flood of promotional items at Christmas time often goes unnoticed? Wouldn't it be better to direct a budget to where the need is great, the wishes are modest and a few euros are perhaps better spent?

That's why maxit süd has decided to donate the majority of its Christmas advertising budget to social organisations. In each sales region, appropriate institutions were selected that could be supported particularly effectively this year:

Sales area Franken Maxit Nord, Azendorf

Sales area Franken Maxit Süd, Niederwinkling

Sales area Franken Maxit Mitte, Nürnberg

Peter Scholtys, Sales Manager maxit, hands over a donation cheque for € 750 to Tanja Hackl, WAIDLER-HELFEN e.V. association.