Breathable building materials

With the high-quality maxit building products in accordance with the maxit open AIR principle, there is no a risk. From the pure mineral maxit thick-plaster insulation system (EIFS) through plaster base coats, plaster finishing coats, interior plaster to the final paint finish.

All products of the maxit open AIR range guarantee optimal water vapour transportation and ensure a dry wall surface. Against algae. Against mould. But for a permanently improved and healthy room climate. maxit open AIR – a good feeling.

The system concept counts. One single weak link in the function chain will often derail all the proceeding endeavours because of the breathability of the interior walls. Special water-vapour-breathable room plaster with a stabilising effect, high-quality masonry: all of these highly developed materials are deprived of their special and excellent functions if the wall surface is insufficiently coated with the impermeable interior paint.

With our systems by maxit open AIR, you will create and maintain an optimal room air system.

Nice and warm in the winter, comfortably cool in the summer - make it cosy within your four walls, whilst simultaneously reducing your energy consumption.

With a maxit mineral EIFS, you will significantly increase your living quality and experience a really healthy indoor climate everyday anew. Thermal insulation systems not only ensure a reduced heating bill in the winter, but they also lessen the heating of the building shell in the summer.

Mineral plaster and mortar consist exclusively of high-quality raw materials, predominantly made up of inorganic elements such as limestone, sand, marble and quartz. These are permanently bound with the mineral binding agents: lime and cement.

A natural building material with an excellent environmental footprint: no auxiliary materials or solvents that are harmful to health are required for the manufacture of mineral plaster and mortar, which is why they cause significantly less emissions than other façade building materials and are completely recyclable.

With a mineral façade insulation by maxit, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • breathable walls
  • weather resistance
  • high acoustic and fire protection
  • creative freedom
  • mineral insulation system
  • long service life
  • high value stability
  • best thermal insulation
  • highest level of safety through patented system

For everyone who would like to take advantage of a mineral system, they must be aware that all components of the wall coordinate with one another.

maxit pluscalc walls absorb excessive humidity, store it, and then release it all back into the room’s air as and when it is required. If the uppermost position is closed off due to inferior paint coats, the transportation of water vapour is restricted and the effect of the maxit pluscalc plaster is lost.

This circumstance is also comparable to the operating principle of modern functional clothing. If these breathable items of clothing are covered, for example by a rubberised rain coat, the breathable effect is restricted and the skin begins to unduly produce sweat.

maxit solance is an interior paint free of harmful substances for breathable and dry wall surfaces. Mineral, glass-based interior paint with around a 40 percent share of micro hollow glass beads ensures the optimal balanced relationship of room temperature, air circulation and humidity regulation. The vacuum found in the micro beads has a sustainable, isolating effect. With this, the interior maxit solance is the problem solver for mould infestations, which can very often be observed where the exterior walls are wet and cold.

maxit solance interior paint is ready for use, possesses a very high covering capacity and permits the addition of all colours according to maxit colour card. Thus this interior paint creates a new type of living quality with its distinguished features and with a number of design possibilities for lightly structured surfaces.

It forms a surface open to vapour diffusion on the wall, which has a humidity control effect and thereby controls the optimal moisture balance in the room. With the maxit solance interior paint, you will achieve an equal distribution of heat on the entire wall surface from the ground to the ceiling and through this minimise the temperature gradient by up to 2°C. Thus the wall surfaces always remain dry and warmer than conventional interior wall paints. The vacuum-filled micro-glass beads display their isolating effect in accordance with the thermos flask principle after just the second coat of paint. Along with the alkaline pH value of the paint, maxit solance prevents mould formation in a natural way.