mono-mix SC

Equipped with a new PU mixing chamber that is screwed on via a flange to the material trough. With a new mixing shaft especially for thin-layered products. Combined with the B4-1.5 R worm pump, the machine delivers an output of 6.5 l

The connection of the water pump and the “water delay” are contained as standard. The “compressor shut-off” function can be retrofitted using a kit.

The water fitting has two flow metres

  • 100 -1,000 l/h for the processing of plaster
  • 0 330 l/h for the processing of levelling compounds

There is a conversion kit for existing machines for the mono-mix II SC version

With the a simple conversion using a conversion kit as a mono-mix II plaster, a machine converted in this manner can be used for the processing of plaster.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of this basic machine consists of the frame, material trough, control panel, compressor, water fitting with two flow metres, mixing chamber, mixing shaft, rotor and stator B4-1 5R, agitator with pump nozzle NW35, red. Piece V35/V25 and a new cleaning tool with a brush for the PU mixing chamber.