Self-determined living, protecting the environment and health

maxit implements requirements for modern service living

Comfortable and self-determined living is an important concern for older people. With the model project "Service living at Bürgerpark - Generations find space", the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Workers' Welfare Association) and the company MKB GmbH & Co. Schlüsselfertigbau KG have implemented a project in which 26 residential units fully meet these living requirements in old age.

Energy-efficient living and the protection of the residents' health were at the forefront of the planning and realisation of this project. The building was planned as a KfW 70 energy house according to EnEV 2009. Ecological and healthy building materials played a central role in the architects' planning. In order to realise the specifications, it was necessary to proceed in a considered manner in various trades. maxit proved to be a competent contact partner and provided suitable innovative products in each case in order to also do justice to the project in the execution.

All interior plasters were designed with maxit pluscalc 381. This plaster bears the eco-INSTITUT label and uses the mineral binder maxplus. Moisture penetration of the masonry and mould growth are effectively prevented, and the indoor climate is optimised for a long time. The combination with the special paint maxit Solance also contributes to this. It has an insulating character, distributes the heat evenly on the wall surface and prevents mould growth in a purely physical way.

In the floor area, the flowing screed maxit plan 490 made of natural anhydrite was used. As a purely natural product, health hazards for the residents are excluded.


Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband
Bamberg Stadt und Land e.V.
Hauptsmoorstraße 26a
96052 Bamberg

MKB GmbH & Co. Schlüsselfertigbau KG
Angerstraße 13a
96231 Bad Staffelstein


  • maxit pluscalc 381
  • maxit plan 490
  • maxit solar interior paint „Solance“
  • maxit ETICS PS/MW 035, 18 cm

Project location