The building materials trade shows its colours

Service-oriented customer approach with maxit kreativ

The well-stocked building materials dealer knows about the quality of the maxit product range for the processor. Now the end consumer can also enjoy advice tailored to their needs. The maxit colour range makes it possible.

The customer has his exact ideas about paint for his walls. The specialised trade has the right product for this. However, the problem can be that the customer does not know that he or she can get specific help from a specialist retailer. It is not uncommon for customers to have reservations about the right choice of colour, after all, they want the façade to meet their expectations right from the first coat of paint. Customers and the specialised trade should speak the same language. Advice and service in the specialised trade have potential for optimisation. maxit has taken on this potential and brought the services of the specialised trade closer to the customer.

Wall paints are not only innovative and effective, but also a really functional coating for the wall. With maxit's paint mixing stations for the specialist trade, end consumers can now also see this for themselves on site. They are specifically addressed by maxit's marketing support for the specialist trade - online, in paint stores and also in professional DIY stores.

There, customers can now configure their desired colour coat and have the staff mix the colour on site. Consumers can now also obtain their desired colour in the building materials trade. Target-oriented and with the best advice. High-quality advertising and sales aids make it easier for the specialist advisor to give clear advice to the customer, who can now see the product for himself - in the best, clear colour.