Ecosphere | Exterior renovation Kottgeisering

Historical objectivity in new splendour

Thanks to the client's willingness to innovate, the prudent planning by architect Dieter Mertens and the craftsmanship and experience of Wimmer & Partner - and not least thanks to the mineral products from maxit - the building shines in new splendour and historical practicality. An enrichment for the centre of Kottgeisering.

Energetic modernisation of a historic building

The property of the Schamberger family in Kottgeisering was to be renovated and converted into a contemporary multi-generation house. Since the building can be dated back to before 1810, the challenge was to upgrade the energy efficiency of the building envelope in such a way that, on the one hand, the current requirements for a modern residential building were met, but at the same time the historical character of the façade was preserved. An additional complicating factor was that parts of the masonry showed considerable salt contamination. The areas to be insulated consisted partly of raw old masonry, masonry with existing plaster, as well as newly bricked-up areas and wood in the roof connection.

Sprayable insulation without prior levelling

First, the perimeter and plinth areas were sealed and insulated, and the salt-contaminated masonry was prepared with a porous base render from our renovation system. Subsequently, the very uneven façade could be insulated by applying the maxit ecosphere insulation system with the proven silo technique without prior levelling plaster. Thanks to the excellent insulating effect and the low-shrinkage matrix of maxit eco 72, the façade could be strengthened in thicknesses of 6 - 8 cm in combination with our maxit waterproofing and renovation products.

Wimmer & Partner, Jesenwang

Dieter Mertens, Kottgeisering

Time period:
2019 - 2020


  • maxit eco 70 
  • maxit eco 72
  • maxit eco 73
  • maxit ip color plus K
  • maxit restoration renders
  • maxit waterproofings
  • maxit ETICS, MW & Perimeter

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