EIFS | Henglein & Sohn GmbH Abenberg

Experience pays off

Thick plaster insulation systems require expertise and experience. With the purely mineral thick plaster insulation system from maxit, it was possible to fully meet the client's wishes and fulfil all requirements in terms of building physics, fire resistance and robustness. With the new building, the Henglein family business presents itself energetically up-to-date and ready for the future.

Explicit desire for thick plaster ETICS

The Middle Franconian food manufacturer Henglein, Germany's largest dumpling dough producer with about 600 employees, planned an expansion of its headquarters in Abenberg. Specifically, this involved a new office building. When it came to building insulation, the Henglein company specifically asked for a thick ETICS system. Thin plaster ETIC systems tend to be more susceptible to mechanical damage, woodpecker holes or even algae growth.

Flexibility and the right answer

Before the construction phase, the responsible planners and consultants drew up a bill of quantities and arranged for a sample of scratch plaster. Since polystyrene insulation systems were ruled out at the client's request, two possible insulation variants were formulated in the tender: Variant 1 included mineral wool plus real scratch plaster with maxit ip 52, variant 2 envisaged a thick plaster insulation system with maxit ip 78 therm, mineral finishing plaster and subsequent paint coat. The insulation material, maxit MW-P 035 mineral wool in a thickness of 20 cm, was bonded with maxit multi 285 and additionally fixed with screw anchors. In the next step, the system base plaster maxit ip 78 therm was applied. While the maxit new-build ETICS was originally planned with the insulation variant 1 from the tender - until the insulation boards were bonded - the 10 - 15 mm thick base plaster had to be planned for a longer service life than initially envisaged. Only when the base plaster had cracked could the reinforcement of maxit multi 285 be started. Finally, the system was completed with the mineral plaster maxit ip 220 star with a grain size of 2 mm and the final coat of maxit solar paint.

Lohse GmbH, Nürnberg

Appeltauer + Brandl Architekten GbR, Schwabach

Time period:
October 2020 - May 2021

Surface area:
approx. 1,200 m²


  • maxit multi 285
  • maxit screw anchors STR-U 2G + plates VT 2G
  • maxit MW-P 035, 200 mm
  • maxit ip 78 therm
  • maxit ip 220 star, 2 mm
  • maxit solar paint

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