Fire protection | Deutsches Museum München

The savings in logistics and personnel costs enabled the specialist contractor carrying out the work to stay within the tight budget - despite the tough competition. With maxit ip 160, the Deutsches Museum in Munich succeeded in delivering exactly the high-quality surfaces expected by the client and also worthy of such a building project. The surfaces, e.g. reprofiled ribbed ceilings, once completed impressed with surface quality ready for painting.

Material logistics

Construction sites in the city center, as in this case at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, are often very cramped. The various trades have a very limited construction site set-up area available; the same applies to storage space. In addition, cranes and construction elevators are often booked up well in advance or simply not available. Material supply to the construction site is correspondingly complicated, but tons of fire protection plaster have to reach the last floor in spite of everything. If necessary, this means hauling bags...

Fire protection plaster from maxit - in silo!

In the fire protection sector, processing in a silo is an exception, if not exclusive! The maxit ip 160 fire protection plaster can be conveyed both dry and wet from the silo to the workplace and thus offers more than just one advantage. The space required is significantly less, the effort in terms of logistics is smaller and the work can be done without cranes or construction elevators. In addition, considerably fewer personnel are required. All these advantages also came in handy at the Deutsches Museum and were certainly decisive in the choice of product.

Deutsches Museum
Museumsinsel 1
D-80538 Munich

Construction period: since 2018

Materials used:
maxit ip 160 Brandschutzputz (fire protection plaster) | approx. 70 t
maxit multi 280 Haftbrücke | approx. 10 t

Coated surfaces:
various ceiling structures
beams, columns and steel structures

Project location