Fire protection | Jandorf department store Berlin

Column cladding as an eye catcher

The quality of the felted surface, the edge line of the plaster rails, and also the finish to the ceiling stucco turned out well. So good that later it was decided not to even paint the pillars.

Fire protection and protection of historical monuments

Approx. 120 steel composite columns, distributed over five floors, are installed in the listed former Jandorf department store in Berlin. Originally clad in 1903 with Rabitz plaster and artfully connected to the ceiling stucco at the capitals, a fire protection system is being sought which, on the one hand, protects the steel columns with a fire resistance duration of 90 minutes, but on the other hand also does justice to the historical character of the building and comes as close as possible to the original cladding in terms of appearance.

maxit ip 160 fire protection plaster - as F90 column cladding

The composite columns were box-wrapped with metal plaster supports to restore the original shape of the old Rabitz cladding. Plaster rails were attached and wired to the plaster base. Since maxit ip 160 fire protection plaster can be excellently smoothed and felted, the plaster could be stripped to the specified thickness and finished as a visible surface without any further work.

Construction period: 2018

Materials used:
maxit ip 160 Brandschutzputz | approx. 12 t

Coated surfaces:
steel columns | approx. 600 m2

Project location