Fire protection | Philippsthal Church

Historic-looking surface with contour and fire resistance

The result of the renovation is a historic-looking surface with contours and fire resistance - finished or prepared for further layering, depending on the client's wishes. Our lime smooth maxit ip 178 purcalc, our lime paint maxit kreacal 5030 or other products from our restorit product family would be predestined.

Historical building and up-to-date fire protection requirements

When renovating historical buildings, the latest fire protection regulations as well as the regulations for the protection of historical monuments must be taken into account. This also applied to the existing ceilings in the Schlosskirche Philippsthal. The historic wooden beam ceiling had to be upgraded in terms of fire protection without changing the character of the building, including the vaulted ceiling contour - and that with a classic building material and construction method. A suspended ceiling, panel cladding or even a coating with a reactive chemical fire protection system was not an option.

maxit ip 160 - modern high-performance fire protection plaster on a mineral building material framework

Applied to a contour-following plaster base in accordance with DIN 4102 T4, the wooden beam ceilings could be upgraded to a fire resistance of 60 minutes with a low plaster thickness. The surface was felted. maxit ip 160 is designed from the outset so that it can be applied and worked with both standard and classic methods and tools of the plastering trade.

Building site:
"Schlosskirche" Philippsthal (Werra), Hesse

Time period:
Autumn 2022 (fire protection plaster)

Materials used:
maxit ip 160 Brandschutzputz (fire protection plaster) | approx. 6 t

Coated surfaces:
Wood beam ceilings | approx. 500 m2

Project location