Fire protection | Tunnel Vienna Airport

Modern tunnel incl. fire protection

The use of maxit ip 160 for the fire protection renovation of the tunnel proved to be absolutely right. In addition to all the important technical parameters, the surface design was another important reason for choosing maxit ip 160. The renovated surfaces are hardly distinguishable from the existing ones.

Small-scale work in intervals

Due to water ingress, the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) tunnel leading to Vienna Airport had to be renovated. The renovation also included the existing fire protection plaster, which had to be partially repaired or renewed. The challenge of this project was not only the restoration of the many small areas and the existing surface structure. Especially the fact that the two track systems could only be closed for a few hours at a time or completely at night made the construction site something special.

maxit ip 160 - safe fire protection in tunnel construction

The certified fire protection plaster maxit ip 160 best fulfilled all fire protection requirements as well as all tunnel construction-specific criteria, so that ÖBB and the Vienna Airport construction management clearly opted for this top product. The renovation measures were all carried out by the Austrian company KBB/MEISSL Oberflächentechnik. After the damaged areas had been exposed, the surfaces to be newly plastered were provided with metallic plaster carriers. The application of the bonding bridge maxit multi 280 and the fire protection plaster maxit ip 160 was carried out with special fine plastering machines from the company MAI International from Feistritz/Drau, Austria. These were ideally suited both for the size of the repair areas and for matching the plaster structure to the appearance of the existing plaster.

Building site:
Vienna Airport, Austria

Time period:
September - October 2022

Materials used:
maxit ip 160 fire protection plaster | approx. 15 t
maxit multi 280 bonding bridge | approx. 2.5 t

Coated surfaces:
Reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete columns, slabs and beams) | approx. 500 m2

Project location