Installation of 10,000 sqm floor in the HUMA retail park in Schwabach

maxit installs floor in record time

New construction and conversion measures in the retail sector are almost always accompanied by deadline pressure. This was also the case in Schwabach. There, a former shopping centre was converted into a HUMA retail park. maxit provided efficient solutions for the conversion and beat the time pressure.

In Schwabach near Nuremberg, a former real store was to be converted into a HUMA retail park. Firstly, the commercial floor space was to be 39,000 m2 after completion of the conversion. Secondly, maxit was to be responsible for 10,000 m2 of this. Thirdly, the reopening was to take place in the foreseeable future. Fourthly, a high-quality and resilient solution had to be found without taking too much time to implement. With a well thought-out solution especially for the specialised trade, maxit was able to prove that it could convince with the best quality even under these general conditions.

Thanks to the right technology and materials. maxit floor 4150 floor levelling was installed on 8,000 m2. The requirements of the remaining 2,000 m2 of floor area were quickly met in full with maxit floor 4160 levelling compensation. For the entire area, maxit provided around 450 tonnes of the high-quality materials. They were delivered in silos with the SMP two-chamber mixing pump.

The technically skilful approach enabled rapid installation, which was quickly followed by the tiler's work. Various companies worked hand in hand here. The advantage for the customer in using maxit is relatively low conversion costs. The company responsible for the floor construction was able to complete this large order very quickly and with few personnel.

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  • maxit floor 4150 floor levelling compensation
  • maxit floor 4160 floor levelling compensation

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