Luxury penthouse "conjured" onto high-rise building

10-storey residential building to be renovated and topped up

In Freiberger Straße in Dresden, USD Immobilien GmbH renovated and invested almost 8 million euros in a 10-storey residential building. As an additional highlight, an 11th floor was created on the roof in the form of a 223 m2 penthouse.

In this project, not only a luxurious penthouse was to be added as the top floor. The existing 51 one- to four-room flats also had to be extensively renovated. Various new features were added to increase the attractiveness of the residential complexes: underfloor heating, parquet floors and extra sound insulation towards the neighbour and the street. The renovation plan also included converting the building into a KfW 70 efficiency house (KfW 70).

In addition to the spectacular-looking superstructure, all other residential units were also refurbished. The planned features were all newly installed. The entire house is now designated as a KfW 70 efficiency house. The design of the balcony front on the southern side was fitted with an ETICS facade instead of the previous tiles.


FIRA® Bau GmbH
Tzschirner Platz 3-5
01067 Dresden


  • ETICS system mineral wool board 035, 160 mm thickness
  • maxit multi 285 reinforcing mortar
  • maxit ip color 44 K finish render
  • Silo material with silo pump as construction site technology

Project location