Military History Museum Dresden

maxit designs 13,000 m2 floor area with screed

Among the numerous museums in the cultural metropolis of Dresden, the Military History Museum is the largest. Around 11,000 exhibits and the most modern military exhibition in Europe make it a magnet for visitors. The interior of the building was renovated and maxit was able to make a successful contribution by designing new floor surfaces.

The visual appearance and uniformity were to harmonise with the architectural redesign of the exhibition rooms. The conversion of the museum was financed from the Bundeswehr budget, which is why all the work was put out to public tender and awarded. Only certified companies were considered for the application of the coloured floor covering. A total of 13,000 square metres of floor space was to be designed.

After careful planning and consultation in advance, it was clear: the surfaces would be designed with maxit DuroColour 4650. After completion of the screed work, the floor structures were quickly reworked. The maxit levelling compound maxit floor 4602 DuroBase took the place of the screed superstructures in this process. Priming work with maxit floor 4710 plus effectively prevented possible imponderables, such as moisture in the concrete, for a long time. In excellent cooperation with the contractors, the levelling work was carried out with the proven maxit silo technology.

Project location