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maxit contributes to Munich's most CO2-neutral solid house building

In Petra-Kelly-Straße in Munich, GRUND-IDEE Wohn- und Gewerbebau set itself an ambitious goal: the construction of Munich's most CO2-neutral solid house building. This goal was achieved. With environmentally friendly and energy-saving products, maxit contributed to this ambitious and innovative project.

The goal of constructing Munich's most CO2-neutral building was linked to concrete specifications from GRUND-IDEE Wohn- und Gewerbebau, which were laid down in the building specifications: an interior plaster system from maxit with a special CO2-reduced binder as well as a CO2-reduced screed with a pozzolanic-based binder, also from maxit.

Standards were set for the criteria "energy" and "ecology". Around 85 percent heat recovery via controlled, decentralised living space ventilation contributed to the KfW-50 status. The ecological maxit pluscalc interior plaster 381 with the technologically and ecologically revolutionary binder maxplus impresses in the manufacturing process with a reduction of CO2 emissions by 72 percent and shows clear advantages in living space design.

The maxit pluscalc interior plaster is complemented in this property by the maxit solar interior paint "solance". Its building physics properties save a further 6 to 8 percent energy. It insulates and ensures even heat distribution on the interior wall surface. The surface temperature of the walls is increased by approx. 2 degrees Celsius.
The exterior façade was designed with the maxit solar façade system consisting of maxit solar façade paint and maxit solar plasters. They ensure dry and warm surfaces and guarantee optimal protection against algae and mould infestation.

The subfloors of the solid house building were constructed with maxit plan 490 flowing screed made of natural anhydrite. CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process are reduced by up to 70 percent with maxit plan 490. maxit plan 490 is purely mineral and has been tested by the Institut für Bautenschutz und Betonsanierung Welden. It has been proven to have no negative impact on health - neither on that of the residents in Petra-Kelly-Straße, nor on that of other energy-efficient residential buildings.

GRUND-IDEE Wohn- und Gewerbebau GmbH
Georg-Kollmannsberger-Str. 3
85386 Eching-Dietersheim


  • maxit pluscalc 381
  • maxit solar interior paint "solance"
  • maxit solar façade system
  • maxit plan 490

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