PICK & UP in Bamberg – Semi-detached house and penthouse in one

Different types of housing for individualists

The PICK & UP building concept in Bamberg offers two different types of living combined in one space. PICK promises relaxed living in a kind of semi-detached house, while UP has a roof terrace for a real penthouse feeling.

The brand product PICK & UP has been patented since the year 2000. Since then, it has been used by property developers at various locations throughout southern Germany. Technical innovations should go hand in hand with a high quality standard. This is also the case with PICK & UP in Bamberg. The property developer Paulini wanted to be convinced at this location with comprehensive services regarding colour concepts and colour designs. During construction and subsequent acceptance, this advice was to be provided continuously. maxit took on this task in order to meet the high demands of this new form of living at all times.

Technical innovations and an above-average quality standard are a matter of course at PICK & UP. In Bamberg, maxit provided interior plaster for over 8,000 m2 and the composite thermal insulation system for 4,500 m2. Both products were installed by proven maxit partners. The executing company was already supported during the order acquisition and processing of the specifications and personally supervised during the construction work on the construction site.

maxit ip 22 E as a silo product was identified as a suitable product for the interior plaster. The external thermal insulation composite system of the apartment buildings was carried out with maxit EPS 032 in 200 mm, for the PICK-UP houses with EPS 035 in 160 mm thickness. The owners were present at the handover and acceptance of the property. The result: Plaster and ETICS without any fault!

Paulini Baupartner GmbH
Kleinseebacher Straße 42A
91096 Möhrendorf


  • maxit ip 22 E
  • maxit ETICS EPS 032, 200 mm
  • maxit ETICS EPS 035, 160 mm

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