Renovation | Church "St. Nikolaus" Rudersdorf

Façade decoration back in shape

The façade design with the pilaster strips and window surrounds makes the church of "St. Nikolaus" appear in a new new splendour and yet with the same structure as 100 years ago.

Rendering in accordance with building stock

Rudersdorf is located on the historic trade route "Via Regia", which today is coming back into focus as a pilgrimage route - marked with the yellow scallop shell. With the increasing popularity of the Via Regia among pilgrims, the small village of Rudersdorf in the district of Sömmerda (Thuringia) and its church of "St. Nikolaus" are also becoming increasingly well-known. The church was built in its present form with the construction of the nave in 1718, which was attached to the older west tower of 1517. Around 1912, the façades of the nave received the façade design that was preserved in fragments until the restoration in 2021.

Due to a lack of funds for a complete restoration of the church, the first step was to renew the exterior plaster of the nave in two construction phases. The finishing plaster and façade design had to comply with the specifications of the monument authorities. The crucial factor was to recreate the existing plaster as closely as possible to the original.

"Sublime" range of products

The façade was renovated by applying a raised structure (pilaster strips, cornice bands, ornaments) and coloured scratch plaster without further painting.

The existing plaster was completely removed in the area of the nave and cracks caused by structural dynamics were decoupled with render carriers. The façade surfaces were pre-treated by throwing out the joints with maxit san Grund and levelling the surfaces. In the areas not exposed to moisture, maxit ip Kellenwurf Kalk was applied as a finishing render in the predefined shade and scratched. This resulted in the desired appearance of the render. In the areas of the sublime sectioning, a two-layer application of maxit san Standard in a total thickness of 40 mm was necessary. The above-mentioned façade render was then applied between the struck sections.

The plinth was reworked with a renovation render system according to WTA guidelines. The render was sealed with the mineral sealing slurry maxit AD-1K-Außendicht applied in two layers - with a total layer thickness of at least 2 mm.

Time period:
July - October 2021  |  April - July 2022


  • maxit san Grund
  • maxit san Standard
  • maxit AD-1K-Außendicht
  • maxit ip Kratzputz

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