Strohpanel | Insulation timber construction

100 % functional, 100 % compostable

The requirements demanded by the client were met in full. The desired overall thermal insulation value could be achieved with the maxit Strohpanel and the façade would be 100% compostable when dismantled. The implementation of the insulation with maxit Strohpanel straw insulation panels ensures a CO2 saving of approx. 3.9 t and thus an extremely small and environmentally friendly ecological footprint.

Climate-friendly wall construction

An ecological and climate-friendly wall structure was desired in combination with a CLT construction (cross-laminated timber), which consists of 100 % renewable raw materials and also enables a positive CO2 balance as well as compostability when deconstructed.

Renewable raw material: straw

In terms of insulation, the choice fell on maxit Strohpanel insulation boards with dimensions of 600 x 800 mm and an insulation thickness of 80 mm (thermal conductivity: 0.0405 W/(m-K)), laid in two layers. Thus, the total insulation thickness was 160 mm. The installation was carried out by first screwing a first layer of transverse grids (8 x 5 cm, in a 60 cm grid) onto the walls. The maxit straw insulating panels were inserted loosely into this in a transverse position. Dowelling or gluing was not necessary. Then a second layer of grid (8 x 5 cm) was applied - this time in a raised position - and the second layer of maxit insulating panels was inserted in a raised position. The wind tightness of the wall system was ensured by means of wood fibre boards (DHF). A standing pine formwork, which was applied, also serves as weather protection.

Construction site:
Neuhold, Straden in Austria

Time period:
September 2020

Surface area:
approx. 350 m²


  • maxit Strohpanel insulating panels, 80 mm