Strohpanel | Interior renovation

Functionality plus quality

The maxit straw carrier board for lime plaster is not only easy to work with, it also meets all requirements in terms of quality and functionality. It ensures a healthy indoor climate and more living comfort.
A real ecological alternative to conventional drywall panels!

Sustainable and fast renovation

Sustainability is the order of the day - also and especially in the construction industry. Ecological solutions are more in demand than ever, and one such solution was to be used in the renovation or conversion of a former office into a new meeting room. Instead of using conventional dry construction systems, e.g. plasterboard, one worked with maxit straw carrier boards for lime plaster.

Natural building material straw

The processing of maxit carrier boards for lime plaster is analogous to conventional interior plaster baseboards. The boards - here in a thickness of 22 mm - were cut to the appropriate size with a hand-held circular saw and fixed to the old substructure from the existing building. For this, either wide-back staples or phosphated flat-head screws were used. The surfaces were then covered with a reinforcement layer of maxit ip 315 purcalc and maxit reinforcement fabric PS 4 x 4 mm. maxit ip 315 purcalc was also used as a finishing plaster. It was felted and, after drying, given a coat of maxit kreasil 5020 silicate paint. The product build-up creates a sustainable, ecological and recyclable wall and ceiling system.

Construction site: Franken Maxit, Azendorf

Processor: Naturbaustoffe Huppenberger, Riedhütte | Franken Maxit, Azendorf

Surface area: approx. 50 m²

Time period: 21 - 23 July 2021


  • maxit Strohpanel straw carrier boards for lime plaster, 22 mm
  • maxit ip 315 purcalc 
  • maxit reinforcement fabric PS
  • maxit kreasil 5020

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