Successful Town Hall renovation in Kulmbach

550-year-old gem completely renovated

Over 550 years of history, the façade in magnificent rococo style - Kulmbach Town Hall is a real gem. Nevertheless, the traces of time were showing on it and the need for renovation became increasingly apparent.

As is usual with listed buildings, an overall appraisal of the historic Town Hall had to be carried out before work could begin. The result was sobering: a complete renovation was unavoidable in order to provide Kulmbach's city administration with a modern and safe home in the long run. In the process, it was necessary to take into account sustainable statics and to make the building handicapped-accessible.

The old building fabric was dilapidated and cracked. Starting with the beam construction to the uninsulated roof to the fire protection. For maxit, this represented both a challenge and an honour: on the one hand, because it was a listed building, and on the other, because it was the stately town hall in the county seat of maxit's corporate headquarters.

After the renovation, the building now also meets the needs of people with limited mobility. The ramp and lift are new, and escape routes and fire safety precautions have been thoroughly revised. The clever raising of the roof truss on the extension created valuable space for new, state-of-the-art office rooms. The council hall and entrance hall of the Town Hall radiate new representative splendour.

"It was only through the good teamwork of the companies carrying out the work that the Town Hall could not only be restored to a safe condition, but also transformed into a true gem and ultra-modern administrative building," the Lord Mayor of Kulmbach, Henry Schramm, is enthusiastic.

City of Kulmbach


  • maxit ip 370, 12 t
  • maxit multi 262, 1,5 t
  • maxit purcalc 380, 10 t
  • maxit purcalc 310, 6 t

The quantities stated are estimated values. Minor deviations are taken into account.

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