New floors for the Zeughaus (armoury) in Schweinfurt

At the architect's request, high-quality design flooring from maxit

The well-known Schweinfurt Zeughaus in post-Gothic and late Renaissance style was extensively renovated to house a meeting place for children, young people and families as a "House of the Family". The architects' requirements included high-quality design flooring. maxit realised it true to the original idea.

As early as November, maxit had prepared construction recommendations for the armoury, drawn up specifications and named certified specialist companies for the refurbishment of the Zeughaus. In cooperation with a partner, maxit customer Rüttger Raumausstattungs GmbH from Iphofen was awarded the contract for the complete floor construction.

First, the maxit plan 470-CAF-C40-F7 flowing screed was installed. In the next step, the ready-to-lay screed was shot-blasted and the bonding layer of maxit floor 4712 and quartz sand was applied. Finally, maxit floor 4650 in the colour G20 was installed with the help of the Duo-mix 2000 from our rental park.

With the Zeughaus Schweinfurt, maxit now has a reference object that is not only freely accessible to everyone, but also serves as an ideal showcase for modern design floors in historic buildings.

City of Schweinfurt

Rüttger Raumausstattungs GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 45
97346 Iphofen

Fechner Kunstharzbodensysteme GmbH
Untere Heidecker Str. 9
91154 Roth / Wallesau



  • maxit plan 470-CAF-C40-F7
  • maxit floor 4712
  • maxit floor 4650

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