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maxit is the partner to specialist trade


Do not tell the user about the quality of your products, showcase the benefits of the products! maxit is the partner for marketing services in specialist trade - from the personal support on-site through the presentation of goods to the testing of products for your customers.

As a partner in specialist trade, you will inspire your customers if they are able to experience the products with you in the sales area. An attractive Point of Sale promotes them. Would you like to show your colours when painting? Then do this with real façades in an exhibition area and with a colour-mixing station for your customers. With promotional packages you are providing your customers with a particularly good reason to decide upon efficient and durable, effective products. We would like to advise and support you here.


maxit competencies

maxit supports the specialist trade in many ways: in construction and in customer advise. Alongside new-builds and conversions by companies of the specialist trade, maxit plays a part in the structural implementation of larger areas. Upon addressing the end user, maxit bundles synergies with the specialist trade: the professional advice of the trade goes hand-in-hand with the capability to make the end user’s concept tangible and perceptible in the shop. The specialist trade’s offer meets the end customer’s demand at the same point.

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Solutions by maxit

In the construction of building space, maxit supports the specialist trade with long-lasting solutions, which can be implemented in a short time. All of the construction measures are optimally implemented thanks to modern silo technology, even when under a time constraint. Various levelling systems for large areas are needs-based floor systems by maxit.

In the targeted customer contact through specialist trade, the maxit colour-shop system is a vivid instrument for the presentation of envisaged coats of colour. The colour configurator maxit kreativ enables the testing and combining of colours in various object environments as a high-quality marketing and sales tool.

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Selected references

References by maxit for the specialist trade

In various reference projects, maxit was able to prove their competencies as a strong partner for the building trade. The specialist trade itself profits from this when thought-out construction measures are realised. From addressing the end user with practical marketing support, it is not only the satisfied customer that is benefiting, but also you as a well-arranged specialist trade.

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