Flooring systems

Cleaning floors

A prerequisite for the value retention and long service life of a floor is regular cleaning and maintenance. These can, in part, be carried out at a small cost. Of course, the type of use is decisive when determining the cleaning and maintenance costs. Thus, in the industry, you can anticipate that on a sales floor or an exhibition area which is more heavily trafficked and the dirt from outside enters, that there will be more wear and use of more aggressive substances. In principle though this applies to all floor surfaces: use will lead, more or less, to heavy wear.

Through the application of protective maintenance measures with a wax-polymer base, wear can be significantly reduced. Below we will provide you with some example cleaning and maintenance instructions. The user instructions provided by the care product manufacturer must be observed. In commercial use it is recommended that a specialist cleaning company is engaged, which generally is recommended by the manufacturer of the cleaning and maintenance agent in the area.

With exposure to dirt and liquid mediums, cement-bound surfaces behave similarly to a very thick cement surface. Through the high-polymer allowance, these surfaces even have an incorporated dust consolidation on the surface. In many cases of normal, dry industrial use (e.g. warehouse operation) the surface remains untreated. Through driving on it with a forklift it can lead to a light polish of the polymers, which again leads to a slight sheen. It is generally dry-cleaning that occurs, however it can also be carried out with machines wet. Particular maintenance must not be carried out in the same way as with concrete surfaces.

However, so long as there are very high specifications in place for the optics and cleanliness, a continuous treatment of the cement-bound surface is recommended. All floor surfaces are, more or less, subject to a lot of wear and are, for example, to be sealed or waxed like parquet to be maintained and should undergo constant maintenance cleaning.

As not all customary cleaning procedures and floor maintenance agents are suitable for the coated surfaces, it is recommended to engage a specialist cleaning company to maintain the floor value. Example maintenance instructions are available in the following as downloads.


4610 GER-Johnson glänzend [German]

4610 GER-Johnson matt [German]

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4650 GER-Johnson matt [German]