module L - compact system for light materials

“module L”, a system for the conveying of bound and unbound light bulk materials, such as polystyrene, gas concrete or other mineral and inorganic light materials.

The system consists of a pre-mixer, which moistens the material and homogenises it, a rotary valve and a compressor, which conveys the bulk material pneumatically from the rotary valve to the point of installation. Once it has arrived, the material is mixed with water in a pre-mixer and then transported to the point of installation.

Thereby the bulk materials can be conveyed for thermal insulation, sound-proofing and fire protection or simply as a levelling material fully automatically, continuously and quickly to the point of installation. Further areas of application are in the gradient areas and drainage externally as well as in landscape gardening.

The most important system benefits lie in the consistent material quality, high conveying output and the fully-automatic operation. The “franken maxit gruppe” uses the “module L” intensively for the processing of the “maxit floor 4514 combined insulation”, a bound polystyrene bulk material.

Technical information

Mixing and conveying output:
approx. 6 m2/h (100 l/min)
Drive motor calypso D100 II L:
400 V, 50Hz, 3ph
4 kW; 260 U/min
calypso DL:
400 V, 50Hz, 3ph
1.1 kW; 186 U/min
Blow-through rotary valve:
400 V, 50Hz, 3ph
1.1 kW; 46 U/min
Compressor DLR120:
400 V, 50Hz, 3ph
5.5 kW
Electrical connection:
400V, 50Hz, 3ph
32A 5pol 6h
Connecting cable:
5 x 4 mm²
32A via FI/RCD circuit breaker
(assembly for construction site)
Water supply:
Water hose 3/4" with GEKA coupling water pressure of supply line min. 3 bar
only factory-made pre-mixed light construction materials
Noise level:
83 dB(A) acoustic pressure level at 1m distance whilst in operation (open-area measurement?

The delivery volume, conveying distance and height are dependent on the material to be conveyed.