Hygienic and healthy construction

Allergy triggers within the living area or the strain of a living space with harmful substances are today subjects discussed publicly and, quite rightly, substantially unsettle worried condominium owners or tenants.

Due to the preferential use of inorganic building material (e.g. lime plaster), you will create good conditions for a healthy home construction from the outset. These materials possess the ability not only to absorb the moisture but also the harmful substances and in turn contribute to the improvement of the room climate.

Additionally, the ground of the site is rarely checked prior to the start of construction for the existence of radon. Radon is a naturally occurring decay product of the radioactive heavy metal uranium which is present in the ground and rocks. And it is precisely from here that radon can quite easily leak and spread via the soil vapour or dissolved in the water. Through this it then gets into the room air of buildings. This leads, according to scientists, frequently to lung cancer illnesses.

Radon and its decay products are the second most frequent cause of lung cancer, with smoking being the first. Radon gas, inhaled through the air, is for the most part immediately exhaled. The largest health risk is therefore not posed by the radioactive inert gas radon itself, but by its short-lived decay products - likewise, radioactive heavy metals, which are carried by airborne particles - the free decay products and the aerosols with the adherent radon-decay products are stored in the lungs. From there they emit ionised radiation, which damages the directly surrounding lung tissue and lastly can cause lung cancer.

The guideline values for new and existing builds in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria are set at 250 Bq/m³. The annual mean value of radon concentration normally achieves between 50 and 500 Becquerel per cubic metre (Bq/m³) air, however, values of up to several 1,000 Bq/m³ can be achieved, in particular in radon risk areas.

With our product maxit SDS 16, you can ensure a quick and radon-tight building seal. maxit SDS 16 is a flexible, 2-component and quick cementitious waterproofing membrane. It is flexible in low temperatures, very pressure-resistant and crack-bridging. When mixing the two components you get an easily workable filler with controlled course of setting. maxit SDS 16 is radon-tight certified and is applied in the following sealing work:

  • openings in foundation plates
  • supply and discharge of underground components for power, water and waste water, etc.
  • waste water implementation through the base plate
  • geothermal probes for heat pumps
  • openings for air/earth heat exchangers
  • openings for ground-coupled heat exchangers
  • pipe ducts for water, power and heating through the cellar ceiling
  • installation channels
  • lift shafts and waste chutes
  • manhole and cleaning shafts, etc.

Alongside sealing from radon gas, the maxit SDS 16 is also suitable as a general sealant in structural engineering, civil engineering and construction engineering on all viable substrates. It is suitable for sealing wall cross-sections and sealing clinician contact areas, balconies, terraces as well as cellar sealing following DIN 18195.

maxit SDS 16 can likewise be used as sealant for floor/wall areas, as well as a sealant under storage on stilts. maxit SDS 16 is furthermore applicable in the restoration of old bitumen waterproofing and for construction sites that are under a time constraint. maxit SDS 16 is likewise suitable for adhering maxit base and perimeter insulation plates, as well as for the connection of reinforcements with fabric inlays.

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In order to provide our customers with the highest degree of inhabitant health and safety, we pay particular attention to the ecological and, above all, healthy construction materials. For this purpose, we offer you, for example, lime plasters from the maxit pluscalc series, which contribute to a significant humidity absorption and thereby the improvement of the indoor air quality. Furthermore, we also have specialist products available in this area and are able to provide you with informative references.

For more information about maxit pluscalc, please see maxit eco care.

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