Sustainable protection for the interior and exterior

In the selection of the correct colour for the façades and the interior rooms of a house, alongside taste, diligence counts. Because with the innovative combinations by maxit solar made up of plaster and paint, the building substance can be permanently maintained. Due to its characteristics, the façade system has a heat-regulating, energy-saving effect and protects the plastered masonry against weathering. The cold, rain and sun radiation lead to fine cracks in the exterior wall in which dirt and algae are deposited. This is unsightly and damages the building. This effect can be prevented through sustainable and ecological façade systems.

Should however, a restoration be pending, the exterior and restoration paints by maxit solaren are the solution. A unique combination of silicone resin emulsion and microfine, hollow glass beads reliably seal the surface. Alongside the exterior walls, the rooms of the house also deserve quality: interior colours by maxit solance are free from harmful substances and are breathable. They ensure dry wall surfaces and thus prevent mould formation. Visually they satisfy through high coverage and their colour diversity.

With our plaster and paint systems you can achieve nice and robust surfaces inside and outside the house!

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