Protection and value preservation during restoration

Those who invest a lot of money on their own four walls, would like to gain something in return for as long as possible. For this it is important to think about protecting and value preserving the property at the correct time because the negative influences of the environment would make a restoration urgently necessary over the course of time.

Water: as damp, liquid and ice can cause damage to a house. The difference in the physical state of the water reflects the difference the damage could cause to your masonry.

The prerequisite for the repair of damp and damaged masonry is the elimination of the cause of the damp permeation. Alongside the damp permeation through increased humidity, the vertical sealing of components in contact with the ground is urgently necessary. There are a number of construction possibilities nowadays to combat water from below: sealing membranes, horizontal and vertical sealants, capillary-breaking gravel layers, waterproof plaster and drainage systems.

Many old components lack protection against water from below and the side. In these instances the maxit restoration plaster systems helps.

In the area of restoration, naturally we offer preventative products for the sustained protection of your structure against damp and algae, as well as a heat-regulating, energy-saving effect. Among these, in the areas of exterior plaster, exterior paintwork and interior paintwork, are all products from maxit solar, maxit solance as well as maxit solaren. In the area of exterior insulation, maxit EIFS protects your building from thermal interactions and thus has a constant zero-potential, flawless, wall-structure effect.

Should, over the course of the years, a renovation of the building structure be required, our products from the maxit restoration system will help to secure the value preservation of your building long-term.

Alongside the primer, specialist mortar and horizontal barriers, as part of our maxit restoration plaster system, we produce specialist restoration plaster and much more. One thing is very important: prior to processing, preliminary investigations should be carried out as a prerequisite for a professional and successful restoration by a specialist planner in coordination with our professionals.

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Where the ravages of time have damaged old floors, new flooring can generally be installed without great effort provided that an examination and pretreatment is carried out with due care in these cases. Our maxit floor system provides excellent solutions for this. Then, in private houses, for example the old floor and the new screed can form a robust and permanent unit and that also, for example, with our soft and levelling compounds on the old tiles without having to completely change the tiled floor, which is expensive.

A new era in floor covering was introduced to industry flooring by our cement-bound, self-levelling maxit floor coating system. The unique system benefits of the innovative formulation with their cement-bound composition create great surfaces, which not only make a mark in the matter of ecology and economy but also with regard to quick resilience, diversity and appearance in trade and industry.

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Already at the beginning of the seventies, the development of systems for the repair of damaged concrete had begun. At first this occurred on the basis of reaction resin, later on the basis of plasticised cement mortar. Through this long period of development, a number of manufacturers and products have arisen, which have specialised themselves in this field of work.

At the same time the most diverse policies arose from the hands of various bodies and committees, who amend revisions constantly. Thus, sophisticated products and guidelines are available, which serve as an excellent basis both for the planning and for the implementation.

The experience collected in the meantime enables us to successfully and securely plan the most extensive maintenance with checked systems, and to carry this out with our maxit cement restoration programme. Dependent on the prerequisites, requirements and objectives, the most diverse planning and application technical regulations are to be considered for this, which are relevant to the success of the maintenance of reinforced concrete. It does not matter whether it is civil engineering, industrial construction, commercial construction or residential construction, we have a fitting product for every challenge.