The perfect colour in three steps with the maxit creative colour configurator

You want to playfully get the desired colour coat for your house? Nothing could be easier. The maxit kreativ colour configurator allows you creative leeway in the colour design of your home - from the roof surface to the plinth. Find the colour combination that suits you in three simple steps. Determine the type of house, select the surface, colour it, done!

The maxit kreativ colour configurator makes it possible!

Attention: Colour deviations are possible due to the printer and screen. It is recommended to create sample surfaces.

Insulation - Insulating Effect - Comfort.

Our interior colours by maxit solance fulfil all of the important requirement for today's new-builds and/or restorations:

  • mould-resistant
  • temperature-regulating effect on the wall surface
  • ensures surfaces remain dry and warm
  • creates a long-lasting colour brilliance
  • seals cracks of up to 0.3 mm
  • permanently breathable: moisture-regulating effect
  • sustainably protects against cracks through flexible colour film
  • high proportion of glass, ecologically clean and long service life
  • easy and workable under almost all substrates
  • free from harmful substances and eco-certified

maxit intens is an unrestricted façade design

The façade is the flagship of a building: Style and design reflect the zeitgeist and imprint on the surroundings.

An important design tool in this is the colouring. It is often an expression of individuality of the home-owner, creates perspective and can, alongside the attractiveness of the view of a place, improve spatial orientation. Particularly intense colours are ever more on trend. To link this with architectural aesthetics with the high requirements of energy efficiency and longevity, increasingly presents a particular challenge to builders, planners and artisan businesses.

Intense and, above all, dark colours restrict the colour design due to their high heating feature, thus maxit intens defines a new generation of façade colour, which enables endless design diversity in all desired colours. A special colour pigmentation ensures that the sun radiation is reflected and the façade heats up less. In doing so, maxit intens unifies the highest building materials’ quality with permanent temperature, weather and colour resistance. The result: brilliantly nice, durably clean and sound façades.


maxit intens makes façades heat resistant and dimensionally stable:

Thermal insulating façade systems are meanwhile standard in the matter of energy efficiency in new-builds and the restoration of old buildings. That which retains the heat in the winter, keeps the heat out in the summer. Particularly the dark façade colours can contribute to highly-insulated wall structures so that the building shell can heat up more quickly in sun radiation to more than 80 °C. The result: a heat accumulation in the surface layers, which can lead to tension, deformation and cracks.

maxit intens façade paint works against this in that it reflects a share of the sunlight, which with 58 percent has the largest portion of thermal heating from coloured and dark surfaces – the infra-red radiation. With maxit intens, temperature peaks can be reduced to a minimum on the façades. The wall structure remains heat resistant and dimensionally stable.


maxit intens makes façades permanently resistant:

Even the small cracks can permanently allow the weather conditions to penetrate the deeper foundation layers of a façade and sustainably damage the wall layers. Visible large cracks, water stains and moss formation are therefore often signs of well-advanced façade ageing.

maxit intens’ ability to reflect the sun’s heat radiation and thereby to prevent the temperature stress, also takes affect here. Compared with conventional façade colours, maxit intens produces a well-proportioned, elastic and microporous surface structure, which permanently withstands the wind and weather and slows down the ageing process. Thus, maxit intens increases the renovation cycle of façades and clearly contributes to the value retention of the property.


maxit intens makes façades light-fast and colour brilliant for years

In the selection of colour - in particular the use of strong colours - maxit intens gives builders, architects and painting companies some creative play back. Instead of orientating ourselves to luminosity as it has been done until now, it is now possible to design optionally intensive colour designs without sacrificing in terms of aesthetics, energy efficiency and durability. This enables the realisation of individual desires from the most diverse of colour spectrum and shades.

Alongside dark and colour-intensive paints, light façades also benefit from the innovative technology, which is in the maxit intens. As a result of the low surface heating, the contained infra-red light reflecting colour pigments not only slow down the ageing process but also make them permanently light and colour resistant. Thus, the maxit intens ensures a long-lasting clean, mineral-matt appearance with which façades look like new after a number of years.


maxit intens stands for the highest processing quality:

The excellent properties of maxit intens façade paint, in combination with the qualitative maxit building products for façade construction, unfold optimum effect and maximum durability.


Naturally we also have the correct solution available to you for coloured façade designs.

From the correct primer to the fitting finishing coat (made with a water-glass base, silicone resin base, synthetic resin base, etc.) you can equip yourself with our maxit products with a weather-resistant and colour designed exterior façade. There are no limitations to your creativity in view of the structure with our rough plasters, structural plasters, fine finish plasters, scratch coat plasters and modelling plasters.

Nature provides a stark, inexhaustible reservoir of colours and shapes. We have oriented ourselves on her in order to make this magnificent variety also usable within your own four walls. Be inspired and completely enjoy the flooring ambience for all the senses. Cushioned steps on mineral, soft floors. Stimulating variety of colour and shape. maxit designFloor is natural beauty for your home.

A magnificent play on colour, paired with the robustness of rock. These are the features of maxit designFloor. Whether it is the colours of the sunset or the warm earthy colours of a coastline. One colour, plain or wildly patterned, silky-smooth or rather shiny. The possibilities with the maxit designFloor are both versatile and unique. Just like you. Naturally robust.

A floor with maxit designFloor is made for forever. Just like the natural world. These unique flooring surfaces present themselves as no frills, of mineral origin and absolutely wholesome. For the most part the flooring is made out of natural rock, thus the maxit designFloor will never let you down when under extreme stress.

From A like arrivals hall, to Z like zoology museum. From the university canteen to the domestic dining room. maxit designFloor was developed to perfectly set the scene for every type of interior. It does not matter whether you are promotionally presenting a lavish range of products in a newly erected outlet shop or you would like to let old hotel facilities shine in a completely new light. With the maxit designFloor, you will always come to the right decision with a private or commercial new-build or even for the restoration of existing objects.

Three products, a perfect result. With the maxit designFloor programme, you will create a completely unique ecosystem. Because all of the maxit designFloor products are ecological. Particularly coloured flooring, floor design in a stone finish or a highly resilient coating for industrial application.

Every eventuality has been thought through with the maxit designFloor system. With the proven sealing system, maxit floor 4725 EP/maxit floor 4774 and/or maxit floor 4725 EP/maxit TopCoat PU you will also be satisfied with the highest requirements for interiors.

Here you can see the products:
maxit floor 4725 EP / maxit floor 4774 / maxit TopCoat PU

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