EIFS and Fire Protection

We have compiled information about the thermal insulation systems and fire protection on this page for you. Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding fire protection measures for flame-retardant thermal insulation, decision-making aids for optimal fire protection and much more.

Advice from the Deutschen Institus für Bautechnik (DIBt - Centre of Competence for Construction):

Fire protection with EPS-EIFS

Additional information regarding fire protection with EPS-EIFS

Frequently asked questions regarding thermal insulation systems with EPS

Measures to optimise fire prevention

Sample letters to contractors

Recommendations regarding fire protection technical improvements of thermal insulation systems with EPS

EIFS decision-making aids fire protection

Remediation of EIFS plug marks - reference Raschau


IWM data sheet for fire protection measures for EIPS with EPS insulating material 01/2017